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Add additional sections under Video? - chibwack - 2012-04-24

By default, under "Video" we have the two options, Movies and TV - I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to add another? Primarily, I'd like to have one for concert dvd's, one for standup comedy, and one for holiday films. I know I can just browse by genre, but I have so many of each of these I'd rather just have them in an entire section of their own, right off the main screen. Any way to do this? (I use the default skin on Eden with an ATV2, btw)

RE: Add additional sections under Video? - PatK - 2012-04-24

With Eden you do have the additional choice of Music Videos, but I wouldn't worry about segmenting material at this level... create video folders for each genre, or whatever label from Stand-up Comedy, to Wrestling... You can have unlimited different folders. Add each folder one at a time.. set the scraper etc. put a custom icon to if if desired, and link it to your favourites which in some skins can be linked to the front page directly... It's a kind of roundabout method, but gives you both library functions and folder organization. TV shows should be keep in it's own folder for simplicity.