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(Tvheadend)suspend to ram(wip) - bibi - 2012-04-24


I use Openelec PVR beta 2 (client) with TVHeadend on my server.
My server suspends to ram automatically with a PM script. For TVHeadend to work, i had to add a hook to my PM setup to stop and start TVHeadend on suspend/resume (dont really know why, it doesn't work from scratch, maybe because of my kernel DVB modules).
Now i have include in my xbmc client a script to resume the server when the client resumes from suspend. It works, but sometimes the TVHeadend addon can't connect to the TVHeadend server (normal cause the server is still awakening).
I would like to know if it's possible to decrease on the addon side the timeout between the attempt of reconnection to the server side, or force the addon to wait 10 sec before to try to connect to the server, in order to wait that the server is fully resumed ?