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"new" used ATV2, advice please - AllanMarcus - 2012-04-25


I recently purchased 2 used ATV2 (from gainsaver.com, BTW), and they arrived today. I'm not asking for how to jailbreak; I'm jsut asking for advice.

One has 4.2.1 and the other has 4.2.2. From what I understand there is no way I can perform an untethered jai;brak on these since I don't have the signed SHSH Blobs. Can anyone confirm?

Am I better off just upgrading to the latest OS, running TineUmbrella and saving my SHSH Blobs (just in case), then performing a tethered JB?



RE: "new" used ATV2, advice please - deanmv - 2012-04-25

It's a it long winded but you can jailbreak the firmware you are on without blobs: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/7279

It would be easier to just go on 5.1 but its up to you really.

RE: "new" used ATV2, advice please - crawl - 2012-04-25

Yeah. You can definitely do an untethered jailbreak with both of those being at a lower firmware than iOS 5.1. The firmware being on 5.1 when you get it is what requires a tethered jailbreak. That's the key.

Don't upgrade to the latest iOS 5.1... jailbreak as is.

RE: "new" used ATV2, advice please - AllanMarcus - 2012-04-25

Deanmv: would the method you link to result in an untether JB? Also, the link refers to 4.4.4 files. Would I use those, or would I need to find files specific to the versions I have?

Crawl, do you have any links with instructions or suggestions? Everything I've read indicates it's not possible, but I'm game to try.



RE: "new" used ATV2, advice please - deanmv - 2012-04-25

Depends if the version you are on (4.2.1 or 4.2.2) are tethered or untethered as to here: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/3418 also, read the link again "Should work with any version.. just replace 4.4.4 with your jailbreakable version." Although the title says 4.4.4 it should work on any.

RE: "new" used ATV2, advice please - AllanMarcus - 2012-04-28

Ok! Finally done! After slogging though dozen of pages on the link posting, there was finally a post the explained an easier way. Use i faith to get the shsh blob, then sn0wbreeze to sign it, use iTunes to restore. Why the moderator doesn't update the main post, I dont know.

At any rate, I'm happily jail broken and xbmc-ing!

I only with I had purchased more atv2 from gain saver when they had them for $69. They are 119 now! Also, they came with some third party remotes that I was actually looking forward to using, but when I peeled off the plastic, the paint came off the buttons! Oh well, I have a bunch of old white apple remotes that will work well.

Thanks for the help.