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linking two installs of EDEN? - apeg - 2012-04-27

I have two computers in different rooms both running eden and connecting to my server for content... and its working great!

my question:

is there a way for them to share settings/library? there are loads of little skin tweaks i have done on the one system and don't look forward to re-doing on the second one... also it seems redundant to scan content and download images 2x (once for each computer)

Is there anything within EDEN that would let me link to two?

I know its a long shot, but i thought i would put it out there.


RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - Ryoga79 - 2012-04-27

I'm not positive you can really do anything about sharing settings (maybe using synctoy/rsync to sync up your xbmc folders?), but you can definately share your library.

Easiest way to do it is to install a sql server onto your filesharing box using the tried and true lifehacker guide, then point your xbmc(s) to that server:


(Psst: a quick search for "shared database" will give you about a million threads on this exact thing. In before people tell you to use the search function) Smile

RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - apeg - 2012-04-30

Perfect, thanks Ryoga

the library sharing was a second thought but ill give that and the directory syncing a try


RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - bilbonvidia - 2012-04-30

Also look up path substitution in advancedsettings.xml I have a shared thumbnails folder using this but perhaps you can share the whole xbmc settings foilder, I've not tried that but you'll still; need a shared mysql db for simultaneous access.

RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - apeg - 2012-07-12


RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - apeg - 2012-07-19

So I finally had time to set this up and give it a go

i had the SQL server running on my torrent machine (24/7) i dropped in the config file with the correct IP... and it imported the library file. everything seemed to be working but both my XBMC machines were operating in slow-mo

even the home menu where the libraries are not being read was VERY slow, (example) in the home menu going back and form from shut-down <-> settings was horrible... no smooth scroll transition, the background image update was abrupt and delayed.

I removed the changes i made to "advancedsettings.xml" and rebooted the boxes and everything was back to normal.

Did i miss a step?


RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - Jbravo - 2012-07-19

I have a similar setup, followed the following guide http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Synchronize_multiple_XBMC_libraries

Sharing Thumbnails folder and sources.xml via path substitution, no performance issue here.

RE: linking two installs of EDEN? - apeg - 2012-07-19

humm i did exactly that... i will give it a go again tonight and let it idle for a while?