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Remote control over WiFi? - pinkfloydfan - 2012-04-29

Good morning! I hope that one of the technical experts here will be able to guide me to resolve my query.

Firstly, a little background to my situation:

Following a flooding at home which led me to discover that most of the wiring wasn't earthed, I had a complete rewire and took the opportunity to install cat6 cabling everywhere. I also purchased a 3D-capable, 4x4 HDMI matrix switch which is currently only being served by 2 Sky TV boxes. Along with the router and Gigabit switch, this "media centre" is located away from everywhere else with the obvious idea being that it serves all the TVs in the house and currently works brilliantly at that job.

The plan is to add an HTPC (or two) to the network via the matrix switch but I am really confused how to remotely control it once installed. As the computers are going to be tucked away out of sight, what is the best way to do this? Is it possible to get a media centre remote or keyboard that connects via wifi or is there some other way that would work via the IR patch panels with the switch?

I really hope this makes sense and greatly appreciate all advice

Thanks very much

RE: Remote control over WiFi? - settings - 2012-04-29

Well if you got an android or iphone you can use the xbmc remote app to control everything using the wireless network.
Some IR receivers have a long cable, the one Im using is about 5 meters and I have the htpc out of sight.
Logitech 900s come with radio signal capabilities so you can definitely use them to control your htpc, they got a long range too.
I have a few scripts so I can move around with ssh, it is awkward but its pretty useful if I forgot to charge my remote and I have my laptop on.

RE: Remote control over WiFi? - Fumo - 2012-04-29

xbmc can be controlled via wifi. Android or iOS, offical xbmc remote. Easy to set up, just open a port connected to the ip of the xbmc setup etc.

RE: Remote control over WiFi? - pinkfloydfan - 2012-04-29

Pardon me if I sound more technically competent than I am! Your responses lead me to ask some more questions:

1) I think the patch panels work to convert the IR signals over IP and then back out again at the other end. Certainly the Sky remotes work fine. If I go this way, what does the computer need to be able to receive and understand that signal?

2) wifi via iOS sounds interesting (but not for my parents!). Is there a guide to how to open a port etc?

3) what about if I want to browse the web or use then computer for something other than XBMC?

Thanks again

RE: Remote control over WiFi? - settings - 2012-04-29

1) I think the receivers on the logitech 900 would do something similar to that although im not certain.

2)Its very easy you just need to go into xbmc system settings and allow control via http and set a port, then use the same port in the android app. Its very simple - although you may need to set a static ip address for your htpc. You can also set the web interface there where you can control xbmc from another

3) my friend actually has a pc in his office and got it connected to his tv in the living room and uses a wireless keyboard that works great. I was very surprised it worked considering its about 10 meters in distance with 2 walls between it