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Moving Media, Without Updating Library - tzortst - 2012-04-29

At the moment, I have my TV shows spread over 3 Shares,

TV Shows
TV Shows 2
Docos (TV)

These are all under the one source. I want to move all the Media from Docos into the TV Show Folders, but I don't want to have to refresh the DB for those, ie don't want them then appearing in the recent added shows, and don't want to lose watch progress.

Can this easily be done?

Same would also apply for my Movies, want to move all my doco movies into the movies folder

Made things complicated for myself to begin with, now I want to simplify everything Smile

RE: Moving Media, Without Updating Library - Ned Scott - 2012-05-01

export the library in Settings and select single file. Make a copy of the xml file it creates and store the copy in a safe place. Edit the xml and use a find/replace tool to edit the file path from the old drive to the new drive. Save, then import the library. You might have to clear out the DB before importing.. can't recall at the moment (in other words, start fresh before import).