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Internet-radio on XBMC - human601 - 2012-04-29

Hi, there!

Could somebody - please - post a full, complete and comprehensive "How To" on getting internet-radio-streams
(from Germany) on a Mac-Mini into XBMC?

A newbie does not necessarily know what the half-baked term " ... /.xbmc/......." means or how to get to it!

Please think comprehensivly, not like a twelve-year-old computer-nerd!

Thank you!

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - Ned Scott - 2012-04-30

Why would anyone want to help you when you just called them 12 year old nerds?

Re: Internet-radio on XBMC - Martijn - 2012-04-30

Have you tried the radio plugin that you can find under add-ons in XBMC repo?

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - Mudislander - 2012-04-30

(2012-04-30, 21:41)Ned Scott Wrote: Why would anyone want to help you when you just called them 12 year old nerds?

Luckily 12 year olds don't hold grudges for too long Big Grin

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - jopie - 2012-05-01

Settings > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > XBMC.org Add-ons > Music add-ons. I like the "Radio" plug-in.

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - human601 - 2012-05-01

To Martijn, Mudislander and jopie:

Sorry to disappoint you:

But have you tried to integrate " The Penthouse Radio ", (which, by the way, is the only
acceptable internet station for any jazz-fan worth his or her salt), into XBMC in Germany on a mac-mini?

Sorry, but sorry!

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - human601 - 2012-05-01

Answer to Ned Scott:

Sorry, but I did not know, that this forum was a playground for the likes of you.

I have always thought that here was a platform for grown-ups of a sound mind,
who wanted to further the usage of computer knowledge.

But you are in the know, and I am not!


P.S: Wouldn't it be much more easier to post a comprehensive "How To" than to think of
a snappy answer to my missive?

Internet-radio on XBMC - Memphiz - 2012-05-01

Reiß Dich mal ein bisschen zusammen - Du willst was von uns und nicht umgekehrt. Deine Art hier zu posten kommt irgendwie arg von oben herab. Normalerweise kommen hier alle gut miteinander aus und so soll es bitteschön auch bleiben.

Ein HowTo bedeutet immer, dass sich 1. jemand damit beschäftigen muss, 2. sich dafür interessieren muss und 3. dann auch noch Zeit finden muss es umzusetzen. Solltest Du das nötige Wissen mal erlangt haben, kannst Du gerne selber ein HowTo ins WiKi schreiben (so ist es nämlich gedacht...)

Und wenn ich mal Zeit habe, probier ich das Radio aus Deutschland.

Internet-radio on XBMC - Memphiz - 2012-05-01

system -> Add-ons -> Weitere Add-ons -> XBMC.org Add-ons -> Musik Add-ons -> Radio -> Installieren

Damit wird das Radio addon installiert.

Danach wieder zurück zum XBMC Hauptmenü navigieren.

Musik - Add-ons (steht direkt unter dem Musik Menüpunkt) -> Radio -> Nach Sender suchen -> "Penthouse" in die Suchmaske eingeben

"The Penthouse Radio" anwählen und Anlage aufdrehen.

Funktioniert bei mir.

Re: Internet-radio on XBMC - Martijn - 2012-05-02

I thought we would only use English Wink

and like Memphiz said it works just fine like we 'kids' said. I also do not approve your tone about NedScott.

We spend a lot of time helping people out here with pointing them in right direction. That way they will learn how to things theirselves instead of we telling them exactly what to do and they haven't learned a thing.

RE: Internet-radio on XBMC - Memphiz - 2012-05-02

Unregistered. I think this is some sort of protest or so. We should just delete this whole thread - and thx for stealing my time human601.