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Library Toggle menu selection - stergil - 2012-04-30

Love the skin, it's by far my favorite.. thanks for all your hard work!

Since I've upgraded to 11.0 I'm missing the context menu item to toggle between file mode and library mode when viewing the Movie or TV library. Is this a skin option that I can hack back in? Or is this a change with XBMC itself?


EDIT: I guess it wasn't off the "context menu", but I'm not sure of the menu name.. When pressing the left/right/up/down which is opposite of the scrolling direction, it brings up a menu. that one. Smile

RE: Library Toggle menu selection - Sharpe - 2012-04-30

Hi stergil

Yes it was something that was removed when file mode became a node of the main video library - just like movies, tv shows, video addons etc - so there didn't seem to be a need to for it to have a separate shortcut all of it's own within that menu. The nearest functionality I could suggest would be to make filemode a favourite item then hot key the favourites dialog in your keymapping.


RE: Library Toggle menu selection - stergil - 2012-04-30

Thanks for the quick response, Sharpe.

I prefer to have a very minimal main menu: Movies, TV Shows, Pictures, Settings and that's it. So I relied on that shortcut pretty heavily when wanting to browse some directories of videos that didn't get indexed in the library.

I haven't done anything with favorites and hotkeys yet but that sounds like a reasonable alternative. I will look into how to do that.

Thanks again!