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Love XBMCBUNTU - CGrimes - 2012-04-30

Just thought I'd say a big thanks to the community for it's support again.

Swapped my old disk with an 8GB SDD and decided to upgrade from 9.x to XBMCBUNTU. Had a hell of time trying to get everything running, First I forgot the Xorg.conf for my TV, then tried to mess with ALSA (as it turns out, everything worked out of the box, D'oh!) and spend a day trying to get the old DVD remote to work. Eventualy gave up on lIRC, and had to reinstall about 4 times. Finally got to the realisation that the developers are bloody good. Apart from dropping in the old xorg.conf and choosing a skin, Everything works straight out of the tin!

SPDIF audio works, MCE remote works (after reinstall... apparently I broke it) and 720p works.

Am now being intolerable to my friends Wink