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A few minor tweaks to the widget... - dt1000 - 2012-04-30

Hi there.
I made a few little fixes and tweaks to the Multi-function widget a week or two ago and posted them up in the main thread.
I thought it might be worth popping them in a seperate thread as they have been totally deep sixed. Enjoy...

Main fix (drop the xml files into your 720p folder):
These will...
  • Add the missing tittle to the multi-function widget when it is set to "Recommended" (i.e. uses the Watchlist script)
  • For TV Shows, the show's title is now the main label, not the episode name (this just made a little more sense to me...)
  • The Watchlist script now runs when the home page loads (not on start-up) so the list stays a little more up-to-date

Watchlist Hack (adjusts the functionality to my personal tastes - it's probably not for everyone...)
This will...
  • List unwatched movies, ordered by the date they were added to the library, starting with the latest
  • Show the first unwatched TV episode in a series, ordered by air-date (so your most current show is always at the top)