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Static on video start - varneyb - 2012-05-01

I have just set up the latest version of xbmcBuntu with Eden on my PC. I have an ATI 4300/4500 series card, and am sending audio to the TV via hdmi.

Everything is working well, except that at the start of any video that has digital sound, I get a short (<< 1 second) very loud burst of static.

I don't have any soundrc files, and I've set up output in xbmc to custom using "plughw:1,3" which is what I get for the hdmi channel on my ATI card when I do an "aplay -l".

Any thoughts?

RE: Static on video start - varneyb - 2012-05-02

Note - it also happens when I pause / unpause.

RE: Static on video start - markguy - 2012-12-16

Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having same issue and not seeing much mention of it in forums or Google.