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Eden - Webserver issue - seb937 - 2012-05-02


For a couple of days now, my XBMC won't let itself sync with the remote control with the android app installed on my Galaxy S.
I know the App is working fine, and that my network is not causing any trouble, since I'm able to remote control my desktop xbmc but not my laptop one (it was working perfectly fine before). Windows firewall is not the issue either since I'm able to control the laptop with Unified Remote (android app) over WiFi.

By surfing the web, I understood that the problem was caused by the webserver of XMBC: it doesn't start anymore. Indeed, no remote, but no web interface either (it's correctly configured).

Moreover, I'm not able to change the web interface port number, since XMBC is crashing every time I try. More specifically, I can change the port number, but after, I can't exit the settings menu and the GUI disappears completly.
Like this:

You can press "S" on the keyboard, but after pressing "Enter", it crashes again:

Here is the debug log associated:

I tried to freshly install XBMC, but it didn't change anything and I'm getting the same issue with "xbmc.exe -p".

My config is:
PC Portable Toshiba A500-18T
Windows 7 pro 64bits
Intel core 2 duo P7450 2.13Ghz
4 Go Ram
Carte Wifi Realtek RTL8191SE PCI-E
Nvidia GeForce GT 230M
XBMC Eden 11

Thanks for your help.

RE: Eden - Webserver issue - jhsrennie - 2012-05-02

You're getting a crash at startup:

19:01:42 T:3164 ERROR: exception in CApplication:Tonguerocess()

Can you open a command prompt and post the output you get from from the following commands:

ipconfig /all
netstat -an | find "LISTEN"

RE: Eden - Webserver issue - seb937 - 2012-05-02

Here it is :

RE: Eden - Webserver issue - jhsrennie - 2012-05-02

That all looks fine. I can't see any reason why the webserver should run into a problem.

I'm sure this problem was reported in v10 of XBMC, but I can't remember the reason. I think it might have been some unfortunate interaction with the firewall or anti-virus. Try deleting C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\portable_data to clear out any old config files then run XBMC in portable mode. This should create a new C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\portable_data directory with default settings. If it still crashes then it would suggest something on your system causing the problem.

RE: Eden - Webserver issue - madmax2 - 2012-12-28

Also got the same issue

Can't solve this.
It occurs on all versions of xbmc

10, 11 and 12...