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beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - redshirt - 2012-05-04

OK. Got TVheadend running ok now.

Instructions say "After you configured the backend, start up XBMC and go to System -> Addons -> Installed -> PVR clients -> Tvheadend HTSP Client"

"Installed" does not exist on my XBMC system.

Another possible approach: "Once all is set, go to XBMC, and Add source "htsp://ipaddress:9982". If tvheadend's WebGUI found any channels, you should now be able to access those and enjoy Live TV function in XBMC. "

Again, this does not work. Doesn't connect.

Where is this mythical "Installed" section? Where can I get the mythical PVR Clients, Tvheadend HTSP client?

PS: XBMCBuntu install. TVheadend completed muxes, xmltv import, channel assignments, EPG, etc. Audio working through HDMI. My issue seems to be that the wiki and forum instructions don't match the actual options in XBMCBuntu.

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - redshirt - 2012-05-04

I think the wiki / setup guides need to be updated. TVHeadend is deeply embedded now.

The path is ...

XBMC - Videos - Files - right click - add source - browse - Add network location - arrow down under protocol until you see 'HTS Tvheadend client' - fill out server ip - port is done for you - username + password - click ok

Now you will have channel names listed and the current show.

These things need to be documented better!

Now, I don't yet get an actual TV feed so I guess something else in the backend needs to be done, but this is progress.

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - Quaith - 2012-05-04

Did you install the PVR version of XBMC? I don't believe there is a PVR version of XBMCBuntu, you have to manually add a PPA that contains XBMC with PVR enabled.

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - redshirt - 2012-05-05

Thank you for the reply. I don't understand. I thought because XBMCBuntu is setup with TVHeadend by default, that it was intended to run as a PVR as well.

Where do you get a PVR version of XBMC? Such a thing doesnt seem to be available from the XBMC site.

Also, TVHeadend seems to be broken. It continuously scans for muxes, to the point of interrupting live TV. This even with the feature turned off.

Oh well. So much for this being an easy install. Watching TV on any computer is easy with the HDHomerun. Somehow, TVheadend is making as difficult as possible.
I will go ahead and follow the instructions here:http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=91716 . This seems to be the XBMC-PVR setup you mentioned. Thank you for setting my brain straight. I'll do an Ubuntu install and then build on that. I hope the TVHeadend plays nicer though. It even interrupts the HDHomerun config gui when scanning and checking channels.

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - Quaith - 2012-05-05

The reason why you can't find the PVR version of XBMC on the main site is because the PVR version isn't officially supported by the XBMC team. It mainly is being developed by Dushmaniac, and he's currently in the process of merging the code with the mainline for the next release of XBMC. If you're looking for an all in one version for this I suggest you try out Openelec, which is in my opinion superior to XBMCBuntu. You can download it officially from here: http://packages.pulse-eight.net/

For Openelec you need to enable the HDHomerun and tvheadend addon in your situation.

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - redshirt - 2012-05-08

Unfortunately, Openelec is a no go. It installs by USB and so far my PCs will not boot the Openelec USB image. Regardless, the only version Id be interested in is the PVR version which is x2 beta since it relies on beta XBMC-PVR.

Tried the beta PVR stuff via the instructions in the forums .... it crashes like crazy. (Ubuntu 11.something w/ dushmaniac install instructions.)

I'm going to try mythtv backend with XBMC. Hope that proves to be stable. Man I hate that mythtv interface. Much prefer tvheadend, but it is buggy.

Doesn't help that I have grown to dislike ubuntu in this process :/ Not even sure which version to use. Wish this would run under freebsd (no good ati video drivers).

If anyone has a pvr / xbmc combo that works (ati based video) please feel free to drop me a suggestion (OS / XBMC / PVR version combo).

RE: beat my head in... tvheadend xbmc - redshirt - 2012-06-02


I did try out Openelec because it was just too cool not to.

In order to boot the USB image, I needed plop boot manager CD. (Played around a lot with setups so made extensive use of Parted Magic CD too.)

Unfortunately, Openelec would not work -- problems with TVHeadend still.

So I decided to go the more flexible route and installed Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit), then followed: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=91716. This didn't work. Some part of the xbmc-live install is out of sync with the distribution and would not complete. I left tvheadend installed though.

Then followed this (except for blu-ray): http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=130184. This did work and seems stable.

Then installed dvbhdhomerun: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/dvbhdhomerun/wiki/UbuntuPackages ; also installed a strm file builder to help check hdhomerun+audio+video in xbmc: http://code.google.com/p/hdhr-mkchan/ ; and xmltv for epg tools via synaptic; and hdhomerun-config and gui to test hdhomerun from ubuntu proper, via synaptic.

Do this to ensure the startup order is correct for tvheadend and dvbhdhomerun: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=127803&highlight=dvbhdhomerun.

So I've made progress, even with the epg loading into xbmc from tvheadend (channel numbers not transferred so far). There is a weird sound issue that popped up once (no audio on video playback). Not sure if that is fixed yet or not. (Ubuntu seems to be handing xbmc a ton of audio options and using a custom setting isn't 100% stable.) Also having a video playback issue in which xbmc will restart playback from several seconds prior if the stream is briefly interrupted.

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