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Add new video player control from script. - ftclausen - 2012-05-08

Hi All,

Is it possible for a script to add a new video player control option (in addition to the standard play, pause, stop, favourites, etc. buttons)? I ask in relation to another post where I would like to make a script/add-on that would allow tweets *about* what you are watching to pop up as notifications while you are watching.

The best integration, to me, seems a new option on the play controls that would pop up a dialogue, pre-filled with the show name, that lets you search for tweets based on that. Or, you can fill in a specific hashtag instead. From reading the developers guide it was not obvious to me how (or if) this is possible; it appears that scripts/add-ons are either self-contained or are virtual folders.

Or would the core of XBMC have to be modified?

Many thanks for any hints or suggestions,


RE: Add new video player control from script. - Bstrdsmkr - 2012-05-08

Not the core, just the skin. The skin would have to add and support such a button. You could however, run a service which detects when a video is playing, then display your window programatically. I'd go for that first to get people into it. Once you have a following of users, it'll be easier to convince skinners to spend their time integrating it into their skin. Then you also have a backup method for users who want a skin that doesn't yet support it.