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HTPC group for XBMC and Win 7 mc tv? - romasi - 2012-05-08

Any recommendations on what htpc group or set of components I should focus on if I want a small and quiet (!!!) htpc to run windows 7 media center (tv sourced by HD Homerun prime), XBMC and Netflix?

I have an assortment of XBMC boxes (all linux based - custom, Revo 1600, Asrock ion 330 pro) as well as an appletv 2. No blu-ray rips - only DVD - but I do have HD home movies of the kids that my wife likes to watch.

I think my ion machines are too low powered. apple tv 3 (if ever jb) will not handle the tv requirement. I never see any mention of the tv streams from the HD Homerun prime in the build discussions. I do not know what impact this has on the requirements. Is an A6 build sufficient?

All of my custom builds have been loud (fan), and I am hoping to build this to replace a comcast box in my bedroom. So, while I could build a normal PC to handle this - I'm trying to figure out if there is a sweet spot of performance, silence and cost that I could target. I can dump the Netflix HD and HD home movie requirements to get to something that plays HD tv and DVD rips and is quiet enough for a bed room.