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TheTVDB Scraper Issue - jim0thy - 2012-05-09

I'm trying to scrape some shows by DVD order using the TheTVDB scraper, but I can't get it to save the setting in the scraper config.

I'm able to set the Use DVD Order switch in config, but as soon as I start a Library Update it gets disabled.

Is this a known bug?

(pastebin of debug log: http://pastebin.com/qBsGXevD )

RE: TheTVDB Scraper Issue - scudlee - 2012-05-09

It looks like (but correct me if I'm wrong) you're trying to change the setting from within settings->add-ons. This won't work because XBMC will have already stored the scraper settings for your source. Instead you need to go to the source (or sub-folder) via videos->files, bring up the context menu, select "Change content" and then adjust the settings there.

RE: TheTVDB Scraper Issue - Drir - 2012-05-16

Scratch that, no issue.