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atv 2 cannot connect to internet - ppp123 - 2012-05-10

My atv 2 was working fine then yesterday when I turned it on I notice that "Movies and Tv shows" are missing from the header.

XBMC is there with the rest of the headings.

It also kind of reboots itself..I guess it's looking for the internet.

I have a hard wired ethernet cable plugged in and I checked it and is working fine.

I restarted the router and rebooted atv2 several times but still not working.

I cannot use the remote when the ethernet cable is plugged in because of the soft boot every second but if I unplug the ethernet cable then the soft boot stops and I can scroll through the headings.

Can anyone help me with this?

RE: atv 2 cannot connect to internet - g-off - 2012-05-11

If it stops rebooting after you unplug the cable then it is a problem with beigelist. There is a broken version that needs to be updated. Even though it looks like it is rebooting, ssh still works.

apt-get update

if that doesn't work then try -

apt-get remove beigelist
atp-get install beigelist xbmc