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Tv shows import - naming - Helioy - 2012-05-12


I read the wiki http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Adding_videos_to_the_library/Naming_files/TV_shows and the naming says each show has to be in its our directory like /TV/SHOW1/ , /TV/SHOW2..
Is it possible to do the series matching only by using filename? I think sorting is just another step in automation that shouldn't be needed.
I couldn't find anything here when searching or it being mentioned on the wiki.

RE: Tv shows import - naming - steelman1991 - 2012-05-12

Not that I know of - the only stipulation is that each show requires its own folder, underneath that you only require the filename - though some include a season folder as well.

RE: Tv shows import - naming - Helioy - 2012-05-13

Well apparently that must be the case then i guess.