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XBMC Live with Linux games? - douglasdouglasj - 2012-06-07

Here's something I'm trying to do... I have XBMC Live Dharma, and I have Advanced Launcher. I tried the game Xonotic and I like it! Now what I would like to do is be able to play it on XBMC Live thru advanced launcher... Is it possible??

So far, I followed the documentation for installing Xonotic from source by adding the repository. I tried to use advanced launcher with the game as a standalone, but I'm not exactly sure which file I should have it point to, or if it would even work??

Any ideas?

RE: XBMC Live with Linux games? - Angelscry - 2012-06-08

Yes it is possible. Advanced Launcher use command line to start ANY kind of application. So there will be no problem to start Xonotic. Application must be :


and argument can be found here : http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/3/wiki/Complete_list_of_command_line_parameters

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