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RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Middle - 2013-04-28

(2013-04-28, 21:57)RumbleFish Wrote:
(2013-04-28, 21:48)Middle Wrote: This issue is only regarding following section showing offline channels,
if the channel is live it should play for you.
if you cant play anything in games/featured ...
then i need your debug log to see if i can spot the problem.

usually apple users have problem playing streams, they need to update the librtmp
i cant help you if this is your case since i don't use this hardware but there is plenty info around about it.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Smile
I have been trying a few different things, but no luck.
I am using Android, and trying thepremierleague.
I have it working in the browser, but i cannot get it to work in XBMC. How do i upload a debug log? BlushConfusedHuh

Oh, sorry, i think i know how. I'll upload it now in a minute.

If you got any doubt look this Debug Log and use service like pastebin.com to paste it and get log link.

I just test thepremierleague and is playing fine for me,
must be some system problem.

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - RumbleFish - 2013-04-28

Thanks, Got it.

Here it is

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Middle - 2013-04-28

(2013-04-28, 22:12)RumbleFish Wrote: Thanks, Got it.

Here it is

from what i can see you are using the version provide by StateOfTheArt
the version that is on the official xbmc repo.

My version is a different version,
it will not overwrite the version you already have
Try my version and see if the problem persists.


Depricated version,


RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - RumbleFish - 2013-04-28

Thanks, i'll do that now and post back. I just have to charge it up a little first, battery died. Confused

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - RumbleFish - 2013-04-28

Unfortunately I'm having the same problems with that version.
Here is my new debug log


I uninstalled the previous version before i installed your one.

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Middle - 2013-04-28

(2013-04-28, 22:54)RumbleFish Wrote: Unfortunately I'm having the same problems with that version.
Here is my new debug log


I uninstalled the previous version before i installed your one.

I think your problem is related to librtmp version,
try to update it and see if fix the problem,

here is the link to you find more about it http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Update_librtmp

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - RumbleFish - 2013-04-28

Thanks for your help Middle. Unfortunately that didn't work either. I was able to replace the librtmp using Droid Explorer, but i'm still having the same problems. It may need an external player.
I have downloaded Wondershare player and added a new playercorefactory.xml, that didn't work either.
I will try a couple of other players and see if it makes any difference. One thing i have realised is, another of my plugins is no longer working either, so may be it's the same problem.
I am quite tired now, and i have work early in the morning, so i am going to call it a night. I will try it again tomorrow, and see if any external players can make a difference. Thanks for all your help, and if i make any progress, or find myself pulling my hair out, i'll no doubt be posting back here Tongue
Thanks again.

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - zaubara - 2013-04-29

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that divingmules justin.tv plugin still works for twitch.tv - so something broke with 12.1 on various systems.
iPad2 12.0: works
iPad2 12.1: doesnt work, justin.tv does
RaspberryPi with 12.1 doesnt work, justin.tv does

This is of course after the librtmp updates. Smile thanks and good luck!


RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - MassIV - 2013-04-30

Added chat:

But someone should check if this was the best way to add it.
And your skin should support Confluence fonts.


RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Ommand - 2013-05-11

Anyone good with paint/photoshop and feel like making a home screen backdrop for this addon? Something along the lines of this but for twitch.tv ??

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - vlc79 - 2013-05-24

any update?

can u view videos from Twitch on an ATV2 ??

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - _fool - 2013-06-02

Hi, just stopped by to thank you all for the knowledge in this thread! As is mentioned in the FAQ, I had to replace my librtmp.so.0. I followed the link in the readme and successfully performed all the steps. Got my Twitch.tv working like a charm now Smile

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Rogi - 2013-06-07

Following function completely broken as of a few days. (see https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/justintv-api-developers/JhY6vcTxzxo) Returns [] because justin.tv api no longer returns twitch channels. Required to use twitch.tv api now. Both justin.tv and this addon is no longer return following list. Sad


RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - yomammary - 2013-06-08

I know this might sound weird but the WCS finals streams don't work. None of them, the rest is working fine.
Any idea why this is happening?

RE: [RELEASE] Twitch.tv - Thordurin - 2013-06-08

Hmmm... WCS is working great for me, but I'm using Middle's version.

Feature request for StateOfTheArt/Ccaspers version:
Pull poster art instead of banner art (or an option to toggle between the two) for display. The example of the art I'm referencing is on Twitch's directory page. Thanks!

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