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Confluence 2.1.0 Problems with using on touchpanel - Zippolighter - 2012-06-29

I found some problems if you try to used XBMC with Confluence only with a touchpanel.

So I think is helpfully for the designer that he know that problems available so they can fixed it if they have time or if create the confluence for XBMC 12

1. Not possible to control DVD-Ripp with menu. In the Fullscreen Video view after start a DVD-Ripp, the DVD-Menu is show. If try to select a entry from the DVD-Menu, the VIDEO OSD is open, so it's not possible to select a entry of the DVD-Menu
2. Favorites: If so many entries available if the list is larger as the page it's not possible to scroll. A scrollbar is missing.
3.VideoDB, View Poster: With the scrollbar it is not possible to reach the first entry of the view (arrow up for the higer level view)
4. Left Side Bar: The left side bar open in different touch situations. The correct behavior is if touch the clip (Postet also on another forums post)

If I found more problems, I will edit the list so the developer have the full information which not work in Confluence Skin with Touch.


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