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multi image background - but not when no fanart - activoice - 2012-06-30

I'm using the default confluence skin, and have a question about background images.

Under Settings / Skin / Background Customizer - For the Media type - Videos I've got it set to Multi Image, and have it pulling images from a folder.

This works great most of the time, when I am scrolling thru the home screen it changes the background image whenever I hover back over the Videos item.

Now my question... In Library mode, for Movies that do not have Fanart or when you are inside a movie set, and the active item is the up arrow is there a way to display a default image just for those. Because what happens is that for Movies that have no fanart I get the random multi image background that I set for the skin, but for those I want it to display a default image (like the default movie theatre background with the chairs)

Is there a way to customize that setting, so I only get the multi image when I am on the home screen, or in the menus, but once I go into the movies folder to display either the associated Fanart or the default background image.