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tvheadend channel logo's scrolling speed - redstorm - 2012-07-02

I have added all the channel logos from a folder.

Scrolling up/down the channel list is jerky - i assume it loading the logos on the fly and stalling. prior to adding the logo's the scrolling speed was fine.

Other than running of an SSD or changing the size of the logos to smaller files is their an option to cache the logos to speed up the scrolling speed?

Looking at other posts their may be a better way to add the logo via the back end.

tvheadend and xbmc on a nvidia ION 330 Ubuntu 12.04.

Got around to finally changing the logo's it was down to size as a couple were rather large which was causing the behavior. once i hand changed all the logos to < 10k the scrolling speed is fine.... FYI

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