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Switching between library and file mode (eden) - ThePastor - 2012-07-15

In Dharma, I was able to set a remote button for Videos and one for Files.
Switching between the two would show the currently viewed location for Videos and the currently viewed location for files.
I'm looking at season 3 of Dexter in the video library.
I press the "files" button and it loads the file view in the root folder.
I browse to the dexter, season 3 folder.
Then, I press the "videos" button and I'm looking at Season 3 of Dexter again.
Pressing the "files" button takes me back to the file view of Dexter.
In other words, it would open the same folder that I was looking at the last time I had either view open.

In Eden, things seem to work much differently.
I'm able to set these buttons.
<i mod="ctrl">activateWindow(Videos,Files)</i>
      <j mod="ctrl">activateWindow(Videos,TvShowTitles)</j>
But those always open at the root of those folders. Is there a third parameter that I can use that will open the previously opened folders like it did in Dharma?


When viewing the information page for a TV show there are a series of buttons on the bottom.
"Browse" "Cast/Plot" "Refresh" "Get Thumb" "Get Fanart" "Get Artwork"

My question is: What exactly is the "Browse" button supposed to do?
Originally, I assumed it would simply open the season browser so I could chose an episode to watch but when I press browse I get seemingly random results. Sometimes it opens the folder in episode view which is what I would expect. But sometimes it opens in file view and sometimes it gives an error about not being able to play some non-existent file.

What function is that actually calling?
Could I change that function to do what I want? Something like "Browse this folder in FILE view"?
Is this a skin specific setting? (I use Neon)
Which file would contain this button?

RE: Switching between library and file mode (eden) - jmarshall - 2012-07-15

1. No.

2. Browse takes you to the library of the current tvshow if you're in seasons or tvshow info. If you're in episode info, it plays the episode as the button is named "Play".

3. DialogVideoInfo.xml.

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