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HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-07-29

Hi, i maybe overlooking the obvious here. But i'm having trouble getting a true fullscreen output from xbmc on my ipad 3 via the hdmi av adapter.

I installed the nightly from yesterday, and changed the screen setting full screen #2, and now its "almost" full screen. There is a black border around the image, but its def. better than mirroring.

Are there any solution to this, or is the adapter crippled??

If it is crippled i'm considering to return it to the store, because it's actually not working as promised.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-07-29

Turn overscan off, or switch to "just scan" or something like that in your tv. Your adapter is not "crippled". Its the setup of your tv...

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-07-29

hmm. if i turn overscan off, the image just gets an even bigger black frame around the picture.

oh and btw, does XBMC on ipad adjust refresh rate to the movie?

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-07-30

Its not possible to change refreshrates on iOS. See if you can find a "just scan" option for your tv. Each tv producer calls it different. Mostly its where you select 4:3 and 16:9 ratio.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-07-30

i have tried all the different view options, no one fits..

I just think this is a wierd issue, i have seen youtube video, where a guy using a older Panasonic Plasma tv than mine, can get full screen output when using the built-in video player... Will try to test that one.

But i'm sure its not an overscan issue, in fact, i bet the picture would look perfect if i could add "double overscan" to it. Removing overscan only makes the picture smaller.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-07-30

what tv do you have...

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-07-31

Panasonic TH42-PZ85.

I'll try to test the output from the built-in iPad Video app and AVplayerHD when i find the time. I can post a couple of pictures of the results.

When i run normal mirroring i get the 4:3 output, but also there, i have small black bars in the top and the bottom. That was why i thought this maybe is the adapter's fault.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-07-31

Ok i found something in the apple docs. They have an option for setting overscan compensation (so this would even add more black bars around the picture). I didn't call this function because i didn't want to overscan (normally we are attached to an flatscreen which doesn't need overscan correction). But it seems there is an undocumented value to disable overscan explicitly. So apple just fucked it up because they didn't document that.

I will try to cook you up a testversion after work.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-07-31

Please try this version. This should get you fixed (it might be that the image is a bit to big now).


Issue was that since iOS 5.0 apple does an overscan compensation when using tvout oer default. I now turn this compensation off because the TV has to handle it.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - WisdomWolf - 2012-08-02

I had a similar issue the first time I used HDMI output on my iPad 3. Netflix and Hulu, for example, always seem to have an odd black border. Youtube and native video app, OTOH, fill the screen. After quitting XBMC, launching Youtube and then returning to XBMC it filled the screen. I haven't had any issues since. In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised at how usable XBMC is over HDMI out. I expected it to be mostly proof of concept at this point, but XBMC + HDMI adapter + XBMC Remote App (Android) = perfect way for wife and I to watch TV in the office when we are too lazy to go downstairs to get the Apple TV. Big Grin

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-08-03

I should have fixed that in master... (either try the latest nightly or the link with the test version above).

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-08-13

Hi, I've been away on vacation, so i havent had the time to try it yet.

Will try the latest nightly, test it, and report back.

I've tried tvout from AVPlayerHD and Youtube. AVPlayerHD have the same issue, and that is a paid app... ;-). Youtube indeed gives me fullscreen, the way i expected.

Thanks for the work, i promise to report back when i've tried it.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - blj74 - 2012-08-14

Just tried the newest nightly, and are happy to report, that the problem is solved. I lose a bit of the picture on my older 26" bedroom tv, but this i due to the fact i cannot turn off overscan.

On my living room TV, when i turn off overscan the image fit perfectly!!

Many thanks for resolving this, it is higly appreciated...!

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Memphiz - 2012-08-14

Use the video calibration of XBMC on your bedroom tv for shrinking it a bit should solve this last one too.

RE: HDMI output issue iPad3 - Kaos2K - 2013-02-07

I'm having issues to get XBMC Frodo 12.0 run in fullscreen (no black borders around) on my TV with my iPad 3 through HDMI (iOS 6.1 jailbroken). No matter what movie i play, the screen remains at 4:3 aspect ratio, the same as on iOS dashboard. I also tested some other video Apps and the only one that provided me real 1080p full-screen with no black borders was the stock iOS video App playing a recorded video.

Any suggestions?