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arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-01

hello all,
I am looking for a scraper that can get metadata from http://www.elcinema.com/
I wish if I have enough development background to build it I would have built it long time ago .. unfortunately I do not have it Smile
can someone help me in this? there is no single scraper that serves Arabic media
thanks in advance

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-04

am I posting to the wrong forum section ? should I move the request to other place ?

RE: arabic movies scrapper - olympia - 2012-09-04

No, it's ok to be here. Seems like noone is interested and/or have the time to develop a scraper for this site.

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-04

thanx for ur reply Smile

RE: arabic movies scrapper - bhefny - 2012-09-08

There is no scpecific tool to crap a website in particular
I think a custom scrapper should be written
What exactly do you want to scrap ?

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-11

hello bhefny, thanks for responding to me Smile I am not sure if u r an Arabic speaker or not, but if you are please visit http://www.elcinema.com/ , this is a typical movie database service like IMDB and TMDB but for Arabic movies and written in Arabic, and the other difference is that they do not expose any APIs or web service to integrate with
what I want to scrap, well .. anything I can Smile plots, movie crew, actors and actresses, posters and backgrounds, well .. normal staff that other scrappers get from IMDB or TMDB
what do u think ?Smile

RE: arabic movies scrapper - hadynz - 2012-09-13

@SomeoneCares; I am currently the author of the Arabic XBMC repository (https://github.com/hadynz/repository.arabic.xbmc-addons) and am able to write scrapers with ease. I saw your thread and had a look at elcinema.com. Like you just said, they don't really have any media... just meta data. Not sure what you would like scraped from there and what for?

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-13

@hadynz thanks for stopping by my request Smile well what I am looking for is simply that I have few hundreds of Arabic movies stored on my hard drive in addition to thousands of English movies, I want to be able to find my Arabic movies under XBMC movies section with all movie information, cast, trailer, posters and so on, which are all available at the mentioned site

RE: arabic movies scrapper - hadynz - 2012-09-15

Yup got it... and this is not easy task considering the naming standards of ripped Arabic movies.

Might have to give this request a pass for the time being Smile

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SomeoneCares - 2012-09-15

what if u consider the folder name instead of the file name, so the folder name should be in Arabic exactly as the movie name ?

RE: arabic movies scrapper - SKYBREAKER - 2013-07-31

if there is any support for http://www.elcinema.com/ will be much appreciated

RE: arabic movies scrapper - NeoEGY - 2013-10-18

it would be great to have elcinema.com scrapper in the mean while i rename my movies according to imdb it can grab some info but sadly many aren't listed

RE: arabic movies scrapper - lallhands - 2016-03-03

Is there a plugin or way to get IMDB scraped metadata in Arabic with KODI?

RE: arabic movies scrapper - Tharwatkodeg - 2016-09-09


I Could Make it . Arabic Movie Database , scraper get Arabic Movie info From elcinema .
Now it Gets Movie Title , Genre , Thumb .

with dificulities on search ,
you should select a title from tiltles page

if you familiar with universal md or TMDB
then its ok ..

Working on it ................

RE: arabic movies scrapper - Tharwatkodeg - 2016-09-10

AMDB Arabic movie Database Scraper



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