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- leonardo - 2004-02-12

i'am finish a new skin form xbmc called blackblue.

i submit it to http://www.xboxmediaplayer.it/upload

- onkel bouncy - 2004-02-12

very nice.

- floink - 2004-02-12

very nice indeed! clean and pleasant.

- Nickman - 2004-02-12

(leonardo @ feb. 12 2004,08:42 Wrote:i'am finish a new skin form xbmc called blackblue.

i submit it to http://www.xboxmediaplayer.it/upload
this skin is now my default!!!

i love it!!!! :lol:

very nice work. clean and stylish!

- Bobbin007 - 2004-02-13

great !!!!

new default skin :d



- onkel bouncy - 2004-02-13

hey leonardo.
can i use some of your fonts ?

- san9jay - 2004-02-14

very nice skin. kudos.

minor suggestion is that the client area where the folders etc are displayed is much smaller than other skins resulting in less number of folders displayed. my suggestion would be to keep it in line with the defaults since more information could be displayed.

- IndieRockSteve - 2004-02-17

i absolutely love this skin!!

my only complaint is the same as san9jay's. i think the left bar should take less screen space so that the folders/files area can use more of it. everything else though, i love!

great work, hopefully more clean crisp designs like this will be made!
(wish i had skill at that stuff...)

thanks leonardo!

- MortUK - 2004-02-17

great skin, by far the best. does anyone else have problems with it crashing..?
the menu sometimes sticks and will not go back to the start screen.. i only have this with blackblue and none of the others..

- gonky - 2004-02-24

this is an amazing skin - i can't reinforce how much i love it! i have changed some of the icons on my personal one to fir the giacomorilla icons i am currently working on (happy to share - pm me!Wink and have discovered something hinky.

when i look at local files, i don't see any icons. i can only see imdb images which i have downloaded. does anyone else have this issue?

- cameronsto - 2004-02-25

stupid question, but how do i view this skin? i can't seem to find a way to view it on the upload site.


- leonardo - 2004-03-03

i have uploaded and tested blackblue skin to xbmc 2004-03-01 int.

- new loock of the home and settings page
- the client area where the folders etc... are displayed, is very big (8 icons or 6 bigicons).
- the small videowindow is placed over the menu area.
- if you replace the original xml and media files by the xml and media files of folder alternate\xml and alternate\media, you have a classic loock of blackblue.
- compressed textures.

- Blue-Bird - 2004-03-03

how can i get this skin?

- leonardo - 2004-03-06

i submit it to http://www.xboxmediaplayer.it/upload

- san9jay - 2004-03-06

i dont know how the skin can be downloaded

can you upload it to http://www.allxboxskins.com