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Modding main menu (onleft/right) help - buges - 2012-11-12

Im modding the main home menu in the includes file to trigger some hidden buttons.

In the main menu (id=300)
<ondown condition="Container(300).HasFocus(4)">7013</ondown>
Works fine & triggers button 7013

<onleft condition="Container(300).HasFocus(4)">7015</onleft>
Does'nt work, as a test i even deleted <onleft>300</onleft> & <onright>300</onright & i can still navigate left/right!

Any help please, i don't know what is still navigating the main menu.

Hope that makes sense


RE: Modding main menu (onleft/right) help - liquidskin76 - 2012-11-15

Hi buges,

The hidden main menu is a wraplist. The visible main menu is a grouplist linking to it.

The hidden wraplist... change wraplist to list, then your onleft/onright should work. I believe a wraplist will always wrap regardless of the onleft/onright.

Beware! I've made some code changes to these menus that will be in the next release, so that may affect your mod?

Cheers Wink

RE: Modding main menu (onleft/right) help - buges - 2012-11-17

Thanks for the info.

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