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Creating My Own View - danz0l - 2012-11-13

OK, i understand how it all works EXCEPT how to get background elements to show up.

I can create my own view, add the id's etc and worked out how to include files (i.e. Myview.xml) but i just can't get background elements to show up for boxes etc. What am i missing ?

RE: Creating My Own View - mad-max - 2012-11-13

Your code?

RE: Creating My Own View - danz0l - 2012-11-13

OK i'll give you an example.

I take one of your views, say Viewtype_Showcase.xml

Looking at that view, i see you have id set to 58.

So i edit

includes.xml to include the file

<include file="Viewtype_Showcase.xml" />
and edit MyVideoNav.xml to include the view id etc.



Quote:<control type="group">

Now refreshing the skin i can select the view (i removed the conditionals to check for gui select conditions in the Viewtyle_Showcase.xml) and enable it. Everything shows up bar the control images (i can see fanart, posters, synopsis etc)

I tried successfully to duplicate Media info 3 viewtype doing similiar practice from ViewsVideoLibrary.xml, but just duplicating and changing the id and name etc. Obviously i didnt need to use the includes.xml for that as i hardcoded the new view into ViewsVideoLibrary.xml itself. However although the view functions perfectly and worked, i still had no dialog art.

So have i missed a step ? Is there another include i need somewhere to gain access to things like

Quote:- <control type="image">

RE: Creating My Own View - mad-max - 2012-11-13

Ok, as far as I got it, there is something missing like a graphic or similar.
But what exactly is "dialog art"?
Sorry if I'm dumb, but I don't get the exact point Big Grin

If you try to get access the other graphics, there are two ways of doing so:

1) just code the control itself in the view and make sure the gfx is in the media directory

2) check IncludesBackgroundBuilding.xml if there is an include ready to use in your view

Hope this helps!


RE: Creating My Own View - danz0l - 2012-11-13

Dialog art is things like scroll control backgrounds, back panels etc.

So this for instance

- <control type="image">

Doesn't appear to show.

As i say if i copy one of your views or a current view, everything BUT the nack panel (i.e. stuff that builds up the interface) shows.

RE: Creating My Own View - mad-max - 2012-11-13

Did you check the path of ContentPanel?
In my views I have different panels like ContentPanel60 or ContentPanel80...
These have different opacity and are not included in the default Confluence

RE: Creating My Own View - danz0l - 2012-11-13

That was just an example. As i say, if i clone Media Info 3 i get no background art either. Its all rather strange.

Thanks for trying to help though Madmax, i appreciate it

RE: Creating My Own View - mad-max - 2012-11-13

This is odd!

TBH there not much I can do about...
If you make an image control directly in the view to a existing gfx in the media directory, there is nothing else to do besides checking posx and posy to be sure its in the screen,..

Does your log say something about "could not load graphic: image_example.png?

RE: Creating My Own View - danz0l - 2012-11-14

I know, thats what i thought. I'll look to the logs and see if there is something tell tale there.

As long as i'm on the right path then at least thats half the battle and i can play around and see whats going wrong.

Thanks for the info mate, really appreciate it.

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