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Nice skin - oldpainless - 2012-11-26

Hi Liquid,

Wanted to say nice skin!

Will v2 have things like cd art and the ability to customise menus etc?



RE: Nice skin - liquidskin76 - 2012-11-26

Hey oldpainless,

Been a while! You still using dsplayer or have you moved to plain old xbmc since AudioEngine was released? I dropped dsplayer a while ago (and can't believe people are still persevering with it since development stopped!).

Version 2 is coming along nicely. Lots of redesigned bits, improved textures... a big improvement all round me thinks! Custom menu items will be in there, as well as custom home add-ons. It will be Frodo ready, and will also hopefully have PVR support. Still lots to do however i'm battling away.

CDArt won't be in 2 i think. I haven't actually given that much thought.

Cheers mate

RE: Nice skin - oldpainless - 2012-11-26

Yep - still using the latest edwardk cut (rock solid and would not give it up for all the tea in china!), on a quad using avsynth script in ffdshow to upscale 720p to 1080p = priceless.

Looking forward to v2 buddy.


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