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RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2016-06-06

(2016-06-05, 18:52)zavarka Wrote: Hi, guys!
My english isn't good but I hope you'll understand me))
Sometimes I'm getting crossed squares instead letters. I guess it's because of code page but I have no idea what to do to fix it.

the default font in the confluence skin has limited support for foreign characters.
you can try if selecting the alternate font fixes your issue:
Settings > Appearance > Skin > Font > Arial based

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - XenapZ - 2016-06-26

I've just started using Kodi for music since I just got a Spotify premium account and this seems to be just the only lyrics add on available, is this right?

The add on does work pretty good with the english songs except for a 30 - 60 sek delay, any way to speed this up? I'm using a 250 Mbit connection so speed shouldn't be a problem, subtitles are downloaded in 1-2 seconds.

My second problem is I'm having trouble finding swedish lyrics, it's really a hit and miss situation. Any way to add more scrapers manually or another add on to complement it?

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2016-06-26

yup, it's the one and only ;-)

the delay should only happen during the first song you play (it needs to search several lyrics sites until it finds one).
after that, it starts searching for the next song while the current one is still playing, so there shouldn't be any delays any more for subsequent songs.

it's possible to add additional lyrics scrapers to this addon, so if you know of a good lyrics site with plenty of swedish lyrics,
write a scraper for it and i'll add it.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-06-28

This looks promising, isn't it?


RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-08-01

Hi ronie, I'm a great fan of this addon, I especially love the way lrc lyrics appear at the right time in the song Wink Thanks for your work Nod

Recently I came across this music video...

...I love the way the lyrics appear and I started to think in a way to mimic that in my skin; obviously there will always be some limitations, I know the font can't be changed inside a line, but at least I would like to display each line with a different font and animation... I already got it to some extent but to get it right I need your help... I would need a way to know the number of the line focused (1, 2, 3, 4, 5...) a kind of counter; that way I could compare that with a visibility condition and use one different font for each line. Can you help me with this? Maybe providing ListItem.Label2 with that number? Or maybe there's another way, you know better...

I would also need a way to know whether the lyrics displayed are lrc or not; is there a way to know that?

Thanks in advance!

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2016-08-01

interesting idea, looking forward to see what you can make of it :-)

you should be able to use $INFO[Container(110).Currentitem] to retrieve the current line number i guess?

i'll have a look if it's easy to add a window property which indicates whether or not lrc based lyrics are shown.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-08-01

Thanks for your help!

I have tried several kinds of $INFO[Container(110).XXX] (Currentitem, Position, NumItems...) and none of them returns anything...

** Edit ** Ok, it doesn't work inside focusedlayout section... outside yes, but I think I need it there...

** Edit 2 ** I think I found a workaround ;-)

Thanks again!

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2016-08-01

i've added the following property:
Window(Home).Property(culrc.islrc) - returns 'true' when the lyrics are lrc based, empty if not.

if you want to test it, you can get culrc from the github repo: https://github.com/ronie/script.cu.lrclyrics

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-08-02

Thanks! I think that now I have all the tools that I need... Now is the time for the artistic side of the project... Not an easy task since I'm I bit picky with the looks Laugh

I'll report back when I get some worth seeing...

Thanks! and congratulations for your 300 points ;-)

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-08-08

This is what I got so far...

...still working on it...

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Wanilton - 2016-08-08

@manfeed, love it, congratulations.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2016-08-08

jaw drops...

wow... just wow!

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - manfeed - 2016-08-08

(2016-08-08, 23:13)Wanilton Wrote: @manfeed, love it, congratulations.

(2016-08-08, 23:21)ronie Wrote: jaw drops...

wow... just wow!


RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Hitcher - 2016-08-08


RE: CU LRC Lyrics - BigNoid - 2016-08-09

That's taking it to the next level. Really nice.

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