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RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Mmatty1 - 2018-01-11

Hi Ronnie is there anyway i can sync lyrics manually in kodi jarvis 16.1 or its not possible??Thnxxxx for great addon..:-)

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-01-11

nope it's only available for kodi krypton and up.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Mmatty1 - 2018-01-13

Ok Thnxxx for info, Awesome script Anyways...

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - agungdeppe - 2018-01-13

hi, thanks for this awesome add-on..
btw, i've a question: is this add-on always searching online for the lyric?
i mean, i already have .lrc file in the same folder as the song file, but CU LRC Lyrics is searching and in my case is not found, so the lyric is not shown..
I already enabled "Search for Local Lyric Files" in CU LRC LYRICS add-on setting.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-01-13

yes.  it first checks if you have a local file and if it doesn't find one, it will search online.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - agungdeppe - 2018-01-16

(2018-01-13, 19:13)ronie Wrote: yes.  it first checks if you have a local file and if it doesn't find one, it will search online.
Solved! the song title contain bracket ( ) Smile
and after set "ignore in the bracket" in the setting. the lyric is show..

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Shogun - 2018-01-16

Got a problem...
If i use CU Lyrics with milkdrop2 and the videolyrics from manfeed, my framerates are dropping to the bottom. Only solutions are:

1. Disabling the autoplay feature from CU Lyrics..manually, it still happens in 3 of 4 cases.
2. Disabling milkdrop2

Using Kodi 17.6 (DSPlayer build) and hardware is i7-8700, 16GB Ram and a 1080 Ti (so that can't be an issue).
Any ideas or somebody who experienced something similar? Can't blame this fantastic addon...Smile

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-01-16

you're knocking on the wrong door ;-)

find the support thread of the skin you're using and raise your issue there.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Shogun - 2018-01-16

Damn, i feared that would be the issue...

Appreciated your time. Smile

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - CrankyCraig - 2018-01-28

I'm certain it will exist somewhere, but I'm struggling to find any information or advice about configuring this Add-on, though I confess I haven't read though every page of this thread. All I'm really trying to better understand is what information it's using to find and match the lyrics (file name, particular tags, etc.), to try and replicate the success I'm having matching anything processed through MusicBrainz with some home made compilation albums and singles that obviously aren't. 

Can anyone offer any insight?

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-01-28

it uses the artist and title tags from the file.

in case no tags are available, it will try to artist name and song title from the filename.
for this to work, you need to tell the addon the format of your filenames (and optionally the path to the files)
cu lrc lyrics settings > options > filename format

%A - artist
%B - album
%T - title
%N - tracknumber

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - CrankyCraig - 2018-01-29

Thanks Ronie, I thought the insight you kindly provided me with made sense so I dived in, confident of finding a solution. However, after many hours of testing and experimenting it seems there is another factor at play in my setup, namely Plex/PleXBMC. It seems that CU LRC's behaviour is strongly determined by Plex. If Plex has correctly identified an artist, CU LRC will be able to locate the correct lyrics, but if the artist hasn't been established by Plex, there's nothing that I can change in the settings of CU LRC to help it to determine the correct ones. 

Sadly, I fear that without support for PleXBMC, any hope of getting this to work as it would with direct paths is lost. Perhaps there is still hope of downloading and storing the lyric files somewhere for CU LRC to read though, so I'll experiment with that next.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - roliverosc - 2018-02-28

Hi @ronie  I have allowed myself to update the Spanish translation for your addon CU LRC Lyrics. I hope you like it and that you approve it on Github. I made a pull request.


RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Powerhouse - 2018-03-21

So I've been going through my Music Library, and CULyrics is awesome so far, but have found two bands that it seems to be tripping over.

The B-52's


I have several albums of each group, and CULyrics fails to download any Lyrics for either. Might it have something to do with the "-" in the Artists name?

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Gittalonglildoggies - 2018-06-12


Really like this add-on. I had one issue when first setting it up. When I ran the Scraper test I received a warning that several failed,

Failed scrapers: letssingit lyricscom lyricsmode minilyrics xiami

Not sure if this is an issue on my end or if somethings changed with these sites api’s. Any insight would be appreciated.



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