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RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-06-13

some of those scrapers are broken indeed, i will remove them and release an updated version.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Gittalonglildoggies - 2018-06-15

Thanks ronie for the confirmation. Saved me from going down a rabbit hole.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - Norin_Radd - 2018-06-19

erm, where is the option to disable lyrics for the live tv streams, i have not been able to find it, but i think i have seen it somewhere on settings, but iam really not finding it lol

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-06-19

there's no such setting, this addon is only active when you're playing music. and should not do anytrhing when you're watching tv.
if you get lyrics while watching live tv, something must be going wrong...
please provide a full Debug Log if that's the case.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - indigo3k - 2018-06-30

Hi ronie,

hope this is the correct place to give note about this.

While adjusting some lyrics with MiniLyrics, I had the impression, that given offset values were not recognised. Even when putting deliberatly high offset values. I was not able to find any indication about the lrc file header entries read in the kodi.log even with logging enabled (also from setting.xml).

After some more tries, I traced this down to the specific way MiniLyrics puts 3-digit offsets.
e.g. [offset: 500] (space behind the colon)
These kind of offsets seem to be ignored by CU LRC Lyrics. With a deleted blank everything is just fine.

Is this a bug in CU LRC or is there a way control the offset read-in.


[edit: CU LRC Lyrics 5.5.2, both on Kodi v18 alpha2 (Win), Kodi v17.6 (osmc)]

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-06-30

thanx for the heads-up.
i'll make sure the additional space character is handled properly in cu lyrics 5.5.3

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - koriar - 2018-08-03

Hi, I'm getting an error every time I try to get a lyric for a song. I've tried several songs and haven't been able to get lyrics on any of them, but the error itself only seems to come up once per reboot.

I have a log taken with both debugs on that's just me rebooting to get a fresh log, navigating to a song, playing it and trying to activate the lyrics until the message comes up, then stopping the song.


This seems to be the important part but I'm not sure what it means:

11:22:48.877 T:2519665472   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>
                                            Error Contents: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-08-07

thx for the report!
i'll submit a fixed version to the addon repo.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - buxtonlad - 2018-08-09

I'm an Nvidia Shield 2015 user with Kodi 18 Beta latest nightly. Something I've always wondered with CU Lyrics. There are sometimes the lyrics that appear are either out of sync or the words are not actually correct. Is there a way for me to switch to a different scraper (other lyrics search result) within CU Lyrics? I don't know how to see which scraper it has used to return the lyrics? Hope that makes sense? :o)

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-08-09

the name of the scraper is displayed at the bottom of the lyrics window:


in case a scraper returns multiple lyrics for the same song, you can use the context menu to select another set of lyrics:


it's not possible to switch to a different scraper though,such functionality is not implemented in the addon.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - buxtonlad - 2018-08-12

Thanks for the reply. The sources do not appear when you have the animated lyrics switched on. Is that some thing you can control ? Cheers

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-08-12

nope, that's a skin thing.

CU LRC Lyrics - roliverosc - 2018-08-13

Hi @ronie, what has happened to your fork in GitHub?.

RE: CU LRC Lyrics - ronie - 2018-08-13

i've moved all my code to Gitlab when Microsoft bought Github.

you can find the repo for cu lrc lyrics here:

CU LRC Lyrics - roliverosc - 2018-08-13

Ok, thank you. I was surprised not to find it. I I will register.

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