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RE: [RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin) - BEUS - 2017-12-21

(2017-12-20, 23:51)Lunatixz Wrote: I looked into this yesterday, The site has changed and this plugin IMO requires a complete rewrite... The scraper is outdated and many of the core API components are old. If no one is up to the task, I'll be more then happy to create a new plugin. If anyone started this already post and let me know so I do not waste my time Smile
 That would be very nice of you, i will be very grateful !!!! Smile

RE: [RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin) - everlast - 2017-12-21

Thanks for updating and making a new plugin.

RE: [RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin) - Lunatixz - 2017-12-22

New Forum - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=325746 Plugin will be submitted to Kodis repository shortly.

RE: [RELEASE] Disclose.tv Add-on (Video Plugin) - DarrenHill - 2017-12-22

Thread closed - please use the one linked above for the new revision of the add-on.

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