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Broadcom Crystal HD BMC70015 - XBMCBUNTU install - mr.morton - 2012-12-14

Hi, new here and new to XBMC but loving it so far....

Normally I use OSX, but a am currently trying to setup my Acer Aspire One 7735 netbook as a HTPC running Xbmcbuntu.

So far I am very impressed of how well XBMC is working and Ubuntu! The netbook was running Windows 7 before, and it was incredible slow!!!

Being new to both XBMC and Ubuntu I would love to hear if anybody would like to share their experience using Broadcom Crystal HD BMC70015?

1. What I get my card put it in my machine, are the drivers already present in my Ubuntu install ? If not how do I install them?

2. How do I check if the card is working. Look how much CPU% is used during 1080p playback ? Or are there another smarter method ?

Is there anything other vital I should know ?

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