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Request: Adult Swim plugin or script (streaming video) - gilks - 2005-09-10

i'm sure nearly everyone here watches adultswim or at least has caught an episode on the block. also, i'm sure many of you wished it would be on fridays as well. thankfully williams street felt our pain and is now offering steaming episodes for 11am-6pm every friday night.

i think it would be perfect if someone could write a script to allow people to watch and even possibly record these streams.

surely it would be greatly appreciated if someone wrote a script like this.

yahoo! news article

Adult Swim Scripts - sand78641 - 2007-06-15

Is there a script for adult swim stuff like the one for comedy central?
I enjoy the Crank Yankers & Southpark clips and would love to watch Robot Chicken, ATHF, Futurama, & Family Guy episodes the same way.

- HarshReality - 2007-06-15

Look into Ooba I think it has a pluyg for it though I could be mistaken.

- sand78641 - 2007-06-15

cool will look into it & give update

Requesting: Adult Swim - xbox01x - 2008-07-13


I would love to see (http://www.adultswim.com/index2.html) as a plugin...

I know this site breaks it's video up into multiple portions and I believe (not sure) it sometimes has commercials in the middle of videos, but commercials aside, this site would be a great plugin. I love Adult Swim original shows and the fact I can simply view shows I have missed. I hope this site isn't to hard to write a plugin for.

I would like to thank you all for all your great work. I have many great plugins because of your work and I thank you for them. Hopefully this will be an new addition.

Thanks again...

- exxo - 2008-07-13

navi-x has it too i think

- tikkiew - 2008-07-13

yep navi-x script has it
i never watch it but it's on the list
download navi_x here
or download it from the XBMC Favorites Installer from Bram here

Request: Adult Swim streaming videos? - thebigstupid - 2008-08-13

Hi! Just wondering if it were possible to get a plug-in to browse, search and play the various videos at the Adult Swim website (Tim and Eric, etc.)


- iRoNBiLL - 2008-08-15

Yes, it's official... Adult Swim can be found on Navi-X!!! How do I know this, because I am the playlist creator for it! If you have questions or comments about the Adult Swim playlist, e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll do what I can. It's pretty robust right now and has most of the shows your looking for. It has 78 episodes of ATHF, Family Guy and South Park eps too. Check it out under the Navi-X Media Portal on Navi-X. By the way, the August 11th, 2008 release of XBMC will NOT work with any scripts at this time! I will tell you when this changes and for those who love Adult Swim, you're welcome!