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trakt working plugins? - publicENEMY - 2012-12-29


its been months since trakt.tv is working for nightly frodo. i tried updated my trakt.tv to the latest
1. traktr
2. trakt utilities
3. trakt official plugins

none of em works.
are there any ways to make trakt works in xbmc? all i need is sync my watched status. thanks.

Moderator: i post this topic in 2 different forum section because trakt plugins are in those forum sections.

RE: trakt working plugins? - Canadaka - 2012-12-31

I'm also interested in getting trakt working again, it hasn't since Sept 18, 2012 for me.

RE: trakt working plugins? - Cyberkid2002 - 2013-01-01

also interested in what is and isnt working.,,

RE: trakt working plugins? - jeffski10 - 2013-01-01

I'm running 1 and 3 and its working fine for me. It scrobbles whats watched and prompts me to rating from 1-10. It wasn't working before I realised you have to have both installed then it seems to be happy.


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