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Dependences not met - unimatrixero - 2013-01-05

Hi all

I really want to try this skin out but ive downloaded the repo file and installed it as normal but when i select the skin it tells me that its been marked as broken and the dependence's are not met

Can anyone help me out, im a bit new to all this so any help would be great

thanks in advance

RE: Dependences not met - liquidskin76 - 2013-01-05

Hi unimatrixero,

Are you running Eden, or Frodo release candidate? Version 1.0.4 in the repo is Eden only i'm afraid.

Version 2 is a WIP and will be Frodo ready. Keep an eye out for it!


RE: Dependences not met - unimatrixero - 2013-01-06

hi there im running Frodo RC3

ahh bummer was hoping to give it a blast thanks for letting me know

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