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READ BEFORE POSTING - adamsutton - 2013-01-07


I thought I'd just try and clarify a few things about the purpose of this forum. Lars (dushmaniac) may have other opinions in which case I'll bow to those Wink

This thread is really for issues with the XBMC-PVR TVH addon (pvr.hts) and general TVH-XBMC integration issues. Things that relate more specifically to TVH backend are better posted at lonelycoder.

I do frequent both forums and try to reply in both places. However you are more likely to reach an audience with more knowledge of the TVH backend if you post on lonelycoder.

Also its worth noting that for quick queries IRC (#hts on freenode) is a very useful way of getting answers, you will again find yet another set of people on their (that don't necessarily visit either forum) and are very knowledgeable.


RE: READ BEFORE POSTING - rdesmarais2 - 2015-09-27

lonelycoder link doesnt work.

RE: READ BEFORE POSTING - Prof Yaffle - 2015-09-28

The site has been moved to its own domain, rather than being a project link off lonelycoder.

Please try https://tvheadend.org/ and - more specifically to the forums - https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend/boards