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Regex for Ember - oggie62 - 2013-01-14

Hi all,

I have been using xbmc for about a year (on a Raspberry Pi). After the usual teething problems, it's working great and I decided to start using Ember Media Manager. It is working well for my movies but just can't get it right for TV Shows. It can be fixed with a different regex but it just won't work. I used Expresso (http://www.ultrapico.com/Expresso.htm) and managed to put together a regex that recognizes my folder/file structure but can'/don't know how to make it work in the Ember scraper. All my TV Shows are in this format : [root]/tvshows/show name/season #/## - episodename.ext

Dos anybody know what regex should look like ?

Using Expresso,this works : \bSeason\b[ ][0-9]+[\\/]+[0-9][0-9][ ]-[ ][A-Z|a-z|0-9|\'|\(|\)|?|\&|\ ]*\.[a-z]{3}
I am sure it can be corrected and shortened, but that's not the issue.

Thanks to anyone that replies.

RE: Regex for Ember - oggie62 - 2013-01-15

Nobody can help me ?

RE: Regex for Ember - m.savazzi - 2013-05-22

Sorry I'm not a good RegEx expert. In the past I asked similar question in RegEx specific forums where you can find real gurus and geniuses Smile
The issue with RegEx, for me, is not the positive match (to find the one that is ok with your file) but to avoid the false positives and exclude the non matches...
that drives me always mad.

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