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xbmc smart playlist error - jamie steed - 2013-01-21

Quick question hopefully someone can shoot an quick answer should be easy for you guys the real pros

I have added my video( which is a ts file) which I have added to xbmc video source which show up very nice right there in the video folder

I then proced to create a playlist with the above file.ts in question as low and behold the folder is empty

what's gone on here please help me been at this for about four hours searched the forums but don't see an answer that helps me

so please be kind enough and help a guy out in need I have been at this for the last hour trying different methods still no success

RE: xbmc smart playlist error - mwkurt - 2013-01-21

Many here would help you but it pretty impossible for us to help without actually seeing an example of your playlist. Also, you have probably posted this is the wrong forum. Probably should be in General Help and Support.


RE: xbmc smart playlist error - jamie steed - 2013-01-22

sorry I posted in the wrong forum I will try posting in general

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