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Psuedotv error bugs - jamie steed - 2013-01-21

hi I was really excited to try this add on as it's really fantastic but

problems I'm having are tv guide don't show times for shows or next video its just blank

second I have tried to add a folder that contains a ts file to channel editor wizard it adds the folder/directory and the path by choosing directory and path in channel editor but when I reboot psuedo tv there's no sign of it for example I assign it to channel 11 and when in pseudo there is no channel 11 very strange?

RE: Psuedotv error bugs - jamie steed - 2013-01-22

anymore got any ideas on this one? Please

RE: Psuedotv error bugs - jamie steed - 2013-01-22

any one here please provide a solution coz this is getting quitefrustracting

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