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Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) DB / XML compatibility and import scraper? - bogyman - 2004-02-15

a nice feature would be, to store the information from imdb in a file (amc / xml) which is compatible to ant movie catalog (http://www.ant.be.tf/moviecatalog).

so that the descriptions could be edited on pc.

- Modhack - 2004-03-16

it should be a good idea to have an editable database

myvideo.db is a sqlite format, so it's impossible for us to edite correctly the bdd.

i thinking about xml format or amc format will be editable by the famous programm ant movie catalogue.
after it's possible to use many script for make a search on the web

what do you think about it ?

- jaga - 2004-03-16

cant you download sqllite from sourceforge, and then edit it?

- Modhack - 2004-03-16

(jaga @ mar. 16 2004,18:12 Wrote:cant you download sqllite from sourceforge, and then edit it?
yes we can, but i would like to change or add movies by ant movi catalogue and export to xbmc

Movie database - Ant Movie Catalog import? - Basje - 2006-10-27

Hi there,

I use Ant Movie Database to gain control over my DVD collection. I do, however, use XBMC to watch them.

So I was wondering if there is any possibility to import the collection from Ant into the XBMC database?

Ant Movie Catalog help - TheAlmightyClaw - 2007-04-07

I was wondering if anyone has found a way to export the information on Ant Movie Catalog program to use in XBMC. I know it needs to be in .xml format, but I can't find a way to do that. I want to use Ant because IMDB does not get all or the correct information for most of my movies.


Ant Movie Catalog!!! - dowiew - 2007-04-12

I'd also like to have my movie catalog accessible from xbmc...
Although you can export AMC data in xml format (File/Save As), but the xml file can't be imported to xbmc database (in case you don't know: xml is actually not a file format). I could write a program to translate the xml to xbmc, but how xbmc would associate a movie info to its path+file name, which are not in amc catalog?
A better way would be to write xml->webpage imdb pc proxy (or better a Python script executed by the xbox web server) and pull movie info by the new scraper mechanism. Would have to learn Python though...
I've been thinking about amc to xbmc database for a few days but would appreciate new ideas...

Please Pleas Please - The Sandman - 2007-04-13

I also use AMC to catalog my movies, they're all on DVDs, I've given all the DVDs a 3 Digit reference so I can find stuff. Being able to import this list into XBMC would for me be a blessing!!!! Maybe read the catalogHuh


- jmarshall - 2007-04-13

AMC appears to have some Export functionality - have you tried developing an export format so that it does it exports to XBMC-compliant XML? I doubt we'll bother adding external importing of differing formats to be honest, but a patch is ofcourse welcome.

What is the standard format / layout... - The Sandman - 2007-04-13

I would consider writing this, I've not really messed with XML, however I do have some programming experience. Is there a standard template that could be used to match the fields to that of XBMC? Once exported in the correct XML style from AMC how would one import it into XBMC?

Point us in the right direction please.Big Grin

- jmarshall - 2007-04-13



Export your videodb to see the format. Reproduce that output from AMC and then import and you're done.

Some notes: You don't need <file> or <path> - just <filenameandpath> is required. You also don't need any tag that is not filled.


- dowiew - 2007-04-13

"just <filenameandpath> is required".... and how can I get one? There are no filenames in AMC.
I mean yes, you can translate xml to transfer AMC catalog to XBMC with dummy filenameandpath and that would allow you to browse through titles in Library mode. But when you import database you lose info about existing movies bound to real filenames. So when you click on a movie it would not play, even if it actually is on hard disk! No file-record binding.
The above scenario would be ok though - in a separate (different user profile) database, just to browse catalog (no watching movies from Library view). You create additional XBMC user, import AMC catalog and have fun with all your movie info.

I want to go further: I have big hard drive in xbox with some movies (and nfo files with urls btw). I want the full Library mode functionality for all that movies (subset of AMC catalog). But that would require filename associations to records in database to click and watch a movie...

Here are my thoughts so far. As I've posted above, there is a way to SaveAs xml in AMC. There is a way to Import database in xbmc. But how to match titles to filenames? XBMC needs filename (andpath or whatever), which is absent in AMC. Both databases should have some common and unique field to associate records, but now they don't.
I have one simple idea that would do the trick: AMC catalog has the URL field. IMDB urls there - that could be the unique field. Now we need the same url in XBMC database. We can modify imdb scraper xml file, that parses IMDB page, to insert the url into some database filed (say <mpaa>) and here we have the same unique field in XBMC. The rest seems easy too:
1. XBMC database: Export to xml,
2. AMC catalog SaveAs xml and upload the file to xbox,
3. Python script to match entries in both xml files and to modify xbmc xml fields,
4. Import modified xbmc xml back to database.
In short: existing xbmc database (with info from imdb or other scrapers) passes through some processing filter (python script) that can do anything (match AMC xml entries in this case). I think this mechanism would be useful for many purposes and should be considered as a feature by developers...

Translating AMC xml file to XBMC database is a good idea though and I would appreciate any soultions!

- dowiew - 2007-04-16

It's almost done! I'm working on (almost perfect) program to export AMC catalog in XBMC import format. After countless trial unsuccessful imports (the xbmc import procedure was broken and they fixed it in the latest build!) it finally works. Good news is that the program is in the native AMC Pascal scripting language, so you just select files in AMC you want exported, hit F6, run the program and enjoy xml file to send to xbox.
I'll post the code as soon as I solve a minor issue (anyone has an idea how to recognize first/last run of a batch AMC script?).
And whoever works on xbmc database import: update your xbmc to the latest bug-free (hopefully) T3CH SVN build!
BTW: I still need a way not to import, but to process xbmc movie database to modify some fields (pulled out of AMC catalog).

Ant Movie Catalog to XBMC Database script - dowiew - 2007-04-19

Here it is: AMC_to_XBMC_xml_Export.zip
Kind of quick and dirty solution. Works prefectly for me but you know... use it for your own risk. Comes with no support or update promise. You can post bugs etc. here though.
Look at the script source code. I've left several fields blank (Credits, Outline, MPAA rating). You can put your own info/fields there.

How to use:
0. Unzip the .ifs file inside zip to the AMC\Scripts subfolder. Then in AMC:
1. Pick/Select movies to export.
2. Go to Tools/Scripting menu (or press Shift-F6).
3. Select the "AMC to XBMC xml Export" script name.
4. In the right Options panel, UNCHECK the Show Results Window, pick an option which movies to process (all, selected, ...), Uncheck all fields to modify below.
5. Execute the script - toolbar button above.
6. Answer 1st question: enter local hard disk path+filename to store the resulting xml file to.
7. Answer 2nd question: enter XBOX hard drive folder where your movies are. I mean you don't have to put movies there, but you have to enter valid movie directory! Otherwise XBMC doesn't want to import movies. It wants to associate each xml movie entry with a file (no need to exist) in a valid folder.
8. Watch the Run button. Should stay red until the script stops (20 seconds per 1000 movies on my machine).
9. Send the xml file to XBOX by ftp, go to your TV and import that file to XBMC.

Seems complicated, but it's not. I just wanted to make everything clear.

Have fun!

This is a bit simpler - Nicezia - 2008-10-20

I've made an export script which will export a nfo file that can be stored next to the movie in a directory to hold the Movie Information. These nfo files will take priority over other scrapers in XBMC so even if you have content set to use another scraper it will pull info from the .nfo file first

it can be downloaded from herehttp://www.mediafire.com/?rmmqciym0yo