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[MOD] Cirrus Extended - Support thread - paradix - 2013-01-28

Cirrus Extended- Support thread
Use this thread to discuss about problems, enhancements and updates to the skin.

Feel free to make your suggestion, any idea for new features, themes, enhancements etc. is welcome.

Thanks butchabay for bringing it so far.

The code can be found on the following Github:
If you find any problems you can report them here:

Latest updates
  • 3.4.0 (01.02.2016)
    - added support for resource addons
    - added customization for icons & fanart (studio, weather, genre)
    - removed skin internal studio icons (use resource addon or custom set in "extras/flagging/studios" directory)
    - different bug fixes
    - removed library editor button
    - removed script.randommovie support
    - removed script.metadata.actors support

  • 3.3.5 (28.09.2015)
    - removed sound resources
    - fixed missing fonts
    - new design for DialogSeekbar and DialogFullscreenInfo
    - support for NextUp Service

For further information see the changelog
Removed Artwork (genres etc.)

As the skin internal studio icons have been removed here you can download the set that has been used in Cirrus Extended
resource.images.studios.cirrus-0.0.1 --> http://1drv.ms/1nP2aCM

The skin supports the following addons/scripts
  • script.skinshortcuts
  • script.simpleplaylists
  • script.globalsearch
  • script.tv.show.next.aired
  • script.cu.lrclyrics
  • script.artistslideshow
  • script.image.resource.select
  • script.skin.info.service
  • script.randomandlastitems
  • script.favourites
  • script.cinema.experience
  • script.artwork.downloader
  • script.rss.editor
  • script.tvtunes
  • weather.openweathermap.extended

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - Yohan - 2013-01-28

reserved for update news

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - vicmanpergar - 2013-01-28

Ok nice.
As i said on the other thread, how do u guys think about this?

Option to code disc in the rightlist logo view?
I coded myself, but would be lot better if it would be included.
like, not like?

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - GuiZ - 2013-01-29


Nice to see the return of CE. Thanks guys for your work.
@ vicmanpergar: I really love discart feature.
Do you think you can add an open/close case with discart inside?
Is it only for rightlist logo view or for rightlist in general? (banner, classic...)

For new features i think it should be great to work on the home widget. What was done on Aeon Nox is really awesome. Maybe you can take inspiration here.Wink

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - vicmanpergar - 2013-01-29

Oh, it took me ages to code such a simple thing, but i never coded before, and i'm a complete null coding.
The view i liked the most (and i liked a lot of Cirrus viewtypes) was the rightlist logo view, and the only thing i was missing was the disc art.
So coded myself (sweating blood, lol). Since it seems Cirrus v3 is going on, and it will be updated on a periodical basis now, it would be really great to add it on the main project if devs like it, otherwise, i will need to save the mod and modificate each time cirrus is updated.
So, about cases opening and showing the disc, i'm afraid i can do nothing, as i told, i know zero about coding. But i hope cirrus devs will answer this topic to u.
On a personal note, and this is only my opinion, i think the disck slippipng up looks better at least in this view type. However, opening cases would look better in horizontal views like showcase, for example.

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - GuiZ - 2013-01-29

OK i played around with the last GIT version i've found a problem with the widget for playlist.
It show the correct film but doesn't show poster and fanart. Maybe a problem with the script and the news rules for artwork naming?

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - paradix - 2013-01-29

@GuiZ if you can, please place a issue on github with a description of the problem and attach a log if possible.

@vicmanpergar for now we will try to finish work on creating a stable code base for the next final version. Next thing will be thinking about enchantments or changes to the current feature set of the skin.

But keep on posting proposals for further modifications of the skin. At least this way there will be a base to decide what to do next.

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - gates - 2013-01-30


Nice to see you guys, working on CEv3.
Butchabay work was amazing. CE FTW Smile !

I've already do a suggestion long time ago ...
If you can do this one day, it would be great.

I dont know, if it's a bug, or just me who is very tired,
but i dont find the skin setting (in setting option).
I installed the zip from github this morning.


RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - paradix - 2013-01-30

Well the work goes on slowly Smile but hopefully we reach the finish line someday Wink
The Skin Settings to Settings -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - gates - 2013-01-31

ok, found it Smile

thx a lot.

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - Yohan - 2013-01-31

this location has been changed in Frodo :-)

Your suggestion makes sense, I'll look into it

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - gates - 2013-01-31

I remember (now :x) the change in Frodo.
But i was confused because other skin still have "skin button" in the setting left panel.
Anyway, this new location makes sense.

I have other suggestion/bug found.
I think it would be nice to have recommended item for music (with skin widget addon).
I have recommended item (on horizontal layout) for tv-show. CEv2 was based on watchlist script (and randomlastitem script), but they have been remplaced by skin widget addon service. Currently the skin shows me the good item/tvshow, but when i press OK/play nothing happens.

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - paradix - 2013-01-31

@gates - latest problem with the recommended items is now fixed in the repo

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - gates - 2013-02-02


I still cant play recommended item from homescreen.
I uninstall previous version, get the new zip from github. I tried on my linux (xbmcbuntu), and also on my windows install.
Other skin seems to be OK (try with aeon nox, T! skin)

I found this info in the log :

[22:18:05 T:2925501296 WARNING: The python script "/home/gates/.xbmc/addons/service.skin.widgets/default.py" has left several classes in memory that we couldn't clean up. The classes include: Monitor,Window,Player

Can someone confirm it works ?

RE: [MOD] Cirrus Extended v3 - Support thread - keibertz - 2013-02-02

i have reworked the Submenus a little bit.
- color
- size
- submenu for addon
- submenu for power
- submenu for homemenu playlist option 1-6

Maybe you will have a look and add some of it to the Skin Code http://netload.in/datei49mJA7Sw6J/Cirrus.EV3.720p.Submenu.zip.htm

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