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RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - MacNoname - 2021-11-27

Guess, I get no reply finally.  Problem is still not fixed. Different behaviour of the Addon Version 6.3.3 on LE 9.2.6 and LE 10.0.1 - crucial functions are not working correctly under LE 10.0.1 for me - and I dont know why...


RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - screensaverproblem - 2021-12-11

I have a problem with the Picture Slideshow Screensaver.
I had read the article under https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Submit_a_bug_report.
Under point '2.1 Yes! This must be a bug!' can I read "If you are sure that you're dealing with a bug, (crash, hang, failed playback, corruption, etc) please go straight to the Github Tracker and create a new issue. Be sure to fill in as information as possible, use your best judgement."
So a had create a new issue under https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/20649 . The bug report was closed, because repo is only used to track Kodi core bugs not add-ons.

"This repo is only used to track Kodi core bugs not add-ons. Please contact the add-on maintainer / report to the respective add-on repo : https://gitlab.com/ronie/screensaver.picture.slideshow. Might have to do with the add-on not using xbmcvfs.translatePath"

I created a account and log in by gitlab. On this website https://gitlab.com/ronie/screensaver.picture.slideshow I don't cant find a way, to create a new issue. The menu point 'Create an issue' is not to find in this project (see screenshot under https://ibb.co/mBws6ph) .
What is the right way to create a issue with bug report with the Picture Slideshow Screensaver ?


RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2021-12-11

@screensaverproblem you've come to the right place. i prefer to collect bug reports for my addons in their support thread on the kodi forum.

i'll have a look at your debug logs and see if i can reproduce the issue.
this might take a while as it's been some time since i've last set up a nfs share, so my knowledge in that area is a bit rusty.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2021-12-11

i've found the issue and submitted an update to the addon repo.
once you receive version 6.3.5 of this addon, the problem should be gone.

Picture Slideshow Screensaver - enen92 - 2021-12-11

Thanks for handling that ronie, glad to see the issue reporter has managed to find the right place to report it.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - screensaverproblem - 2021-12-12

Thank you ronie for the verry fast soloution for this problem. Withe the new version 6.3.5 of this addon (is was automatic updated in my kodi installation) i can again problem-free used my picter collection from my nfs share. Blush

Greetings! Heiko

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - MacNoname - 2021-12-20

Just FYI: I've found a solution to my issues with my "german mutetd vowel-problem" in the end: I Changed your IPTC-Tag from "Headline" to "Object Name" - now it works perfect.


RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - butagaz38 - 2021-12-24

Hi everybody,
Since 6 or 7 month, while screensaver is activated, only a charging screen appears and remain
I'm running on Android on a freeboxpop.
Below the log.
I tried many things :
- Use an older version of Kodi
- Use ethernet instead of wifi
- format the hard drive in ntfs/ext4

Everything used to work fine before.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Wishing you a pleasant day and a merry Christmas !

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2021-12-24

@butagaz38 when the screensaver starts it will recursively index your picture folder (smb://,
this will take some time. during this period, the screensaver will display that busy spinner.

what i see in your log is that you cancel the screensaver (after +/- 10 seconds) before it is finished indexing your images.
so my first thought, based on your logfile, is you need to wait a little longer.
it depends on the number of images you have how long this initial scan will take.

in case that doesn't help, please post another Debug Log where you leave the screensaver running for a long time...

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - butagaz38 - 2021-12-27

Hello everybody,
Many thanks @ronie!

I apologize, I was impatient and didn't remember that screensaver has indexed my folder before
It took 5 minutes, but now everything works perfectly.

I'm very sorry for this. The debug log shows me an error and I was sure that I did something wrong...

Wishing you a pleasant day.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - watch - 2022-01-09

Hi @ronie, thanks for the great screensaver!

I want to either press a button on my remote that activates the screensaver (same as "Preview" in Settings / Interface -> Screensaver) or else be able to do it with the JSON-RPC API.

This command (from this thread) works for the "Dim" screensaver but not this one:

That returns a standard result of "OK" but my screen goes black and I get a pop-up that reads:
Quote:Screensaver: Picture Slideshow Screensaver

Add-on couldn't be loaded.
An unknown error has occurred.

I then have to hit "OK" twice. The first time clears the black screen and the second dismisses the popup.

My kodi.log contains this in response to that JSON-RPC command:
2022-01-06 23:20:36.837 T:3018    ERROR <general>: Unable to load /home/watch/.kodi/addons/screensaver.picture.slideshow/default.py, reason: /home/watch/.kodi/addons/screensaver.picture.slideshow/default.py: invalid ELF header

Dismissing the popup generates two more log entries:
2022-01-06 23:23:19.363 T:3018    ERROR <general>: IAddonInstanceHandler::CreateInstance: screensaver.picture.slideshow returned bad status "Permanent failure" during instance creation
2022-01-06 23:23:19.363 T:3018    FATAL <general>: Screensaver: failed to create instance for 'screensaver.picture.slideshow' and not usable!

I'm not sure why it's complaining about ELF headers since this is all interpreted code, but if it helps, I am running Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 (fully up to date, plus linux-image-5.13.0-23-generic as my kernel). Kodi's package is 19.3+git20211024.1813-49a04cd6a7-0~focal from team-xbmc's PPA.

The Preview button in settings works just fine, as does waiting for the screensaver to kick in.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-01-10

you can map the 'ActivateScreensaver' function to a button of your remote, for instance:

i don't think there is a way do do it through JSON-RPC though...

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - GidyFish - 2022-01-15


I've moved the thumbnails folder to my NAS because run out room

Everywhere I'm getting thumbnails and background images as usual except picture screensaver

Is there a setting to point the video art folder as i'm getting blank screen



RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-01-15

i'm afraid you're out of luck...
path substitution does not work with Kodi addons.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - howudodat - 2022-02-26

Two requests:

1.  allow for some simple navigation while the screensaver is running
  • toggle play/pause so I can see a picture longer
  • back / forward so I can move around myself
2.  Set a timeout for the screensaver, so that lets say after N minutes (30 or so), it actually shuts off the tv

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