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RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - loubro - 2022-06-27

When i first discovered Kodi and its ability to manage my music, the term "Fan Art" intrigued me as it suggested the art is inspired by the music, not quiet what it is actually doing. Getting the commercial art that is tied to the music.

Fan Art could be brilliant- an example - Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony # 6 - These could be beautiful images that people have created or captured while listening to the music. But no we get the various Album Covers.

If we could Tag our Music and Tag our Images and use to provide the Fan Art, it would meet my needs.

The obvious problem I noticed with Fan Art is that it is often WRONG, the picture it gets has nothing to do with the actual track playing.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - LadyBananas - 2022-06-27

Quick question - the picture slideshow screensaver does not appear to utilise any of my extra fanart. Can anybody tell me if there is a way to change this in the script, or a different screensaver that does use all the fanart, not just the primary selection? Thank you :=)

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-06-28

(2022-06-27, 05:14)loubro Wrote: @ronie

This seems to not be consistent.  I tried One Drive when I got your msg and could not get it to fail.

I rebooted and it all failed to connect, so I created a log.

This is the debug log of the One Drive not connecting.


The Screensaver does not kick in when I am running in Debug mode.

looking at the log, i noticed this:
2022-06-27 13:06:09.682 T:15520   DEBUG <general>: screensaver.picture.slideshow: image path: plugin://plugin.onedrive/?content_type=video&item_driveid=a30ae01a381e29cc&item_id=A30AE01A381E29CC%21150&driveid=a30ae01a381e29cc&action=_list_folder

note the content_type=video in that log line. it means the onedrive plugin will only return videos instead of images.

i was able to reproduce this on my end as well. when you initially add the folder in the slideshow settings, content_type is set to images,
but if you later go back and navigate to another folder, content_type changes from images to videos.
why this is happening, i don't know. seems like an issue with the onedrive addon to me.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - loubro - 2022-06-28

Thanks @ronie

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - LadyBananas - 2022-08-12

Just wondering if anybody knows how to configure this to display extra fanart I have? It's saved as Fanart1.jpg Fanart2.jpg etc in the corresponding movie & tvshow folders.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - guenzelsen - 2022-11-26

the slideshow screensaver is not working with Libreelec 11 nightly version.

Source: local pictures (only jpg)
Path: local path on the device

Result: Just the turning circle appears

Was working well with previous versions of Libreelec.
Tested with 6.3.5 from official repository and with 6.4.2 from this thread.

Any chace to fix that?

Addition: Same issue with Android x32 Kodi nightly on Fire-TV

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - laola - 2022-11-28

same for CoreELEC and Kodi20 Beta 1 (did work for the Kod 20 Alpha before)

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-11-30

thanx for the heads-up!
there's been a recent switch to python 3.11, which this addon isn't fully compatible with.

i'm going to have to try to fix this blindly as i don't have python 3.11 yet.
here's the first try:

if you still get errors, please post another Debug Log and i'll try to fix them one by one (until i can properly test it myself)

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - guenzelsen - 2022-11-30

Let me provide you with some extensive feedback on your v7.0.0 fix:




RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - laola - 2022-12-02

V7 installed and everything is good now. Thank you very much.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - transformation - 2022-12-18

I love your screensaver since many years. Great work. Thank you!

Feature Request: I've a question regarding photos from Apple devices. The family uses only Apple and in the past we converted the HEIC to JPG. But as we only have Apple it may make sense to keep just HEIC even on your NAS as Wikipedia says that in comparison HEIC has the better picture quality.
Kodi itself can show HEIC with an add-on (just tried it), but your screensaver seems not to use this nor shows HEIC-files (just tried as well).
As there are some Apple-Users in the world Wink  ...it may make sense to add HEIC-Support somewhen to your great screensaver to show seamless JPG and HEIC.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-12-19

sure no problem, i'll add it to the next version.

if you don't want to wait and are not afraid to edit a file, it's as easy as adding the '.heif' and '.heic' extensions to the list in this file:

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - User 476313 - 2022-12-20

First off thanks for this addon, it's great!

I would like to make a feature request, can you add a setting to blank the display after X amount of time, sometimes I walk away intending a short break then I get busy and it's actually hours later when I get back to my display.
Basically set the image to a black png and stop the timer would be enough after some set time.

Sleep display function might be nice as well but I suspect that would be much harder to implement.


RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - ronie - 2022-12-20

there is such a setting in Kodi already, perhaps it suits your needs:
Settings > System > Power saving > Put display to sleep when idle

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - User 476313 - 2022-12-20

(2022-12-20, 02:38)ronie Wrote: there is such a setting in Kodi already, perhaps it suits your needs:
Settings > System > Power saving > Put display to sleep when idle

Thanks, there's something wrong with the power saving option on Android, could be unable to turn off, could be unable to go idle due to unknown circumstances, not sure but in any case no need to reinvent the wheel just need to fix the wheel that's already there.
Disregard request I will attempt to fix.


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