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RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - larieu - 2024-05-09

Unfortunately is not solving the issue

I have to dig deeper.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - larieu - 2024-05-16

This is an idea of a new feature

I hope is not extremely complicated

In case the picture has GPS data
extract LAT & LON and then find them through something like https://geopy.readthedocs.io/en/stable/ to display them on the screen

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - eric hoffer - 2024-07-16

Sorry for a double post, I meant to make this post in this forum but posted in the Linux thread on this topic

Good Morning

Hoping someone here can help with suggestions on how this screensaver works.

1.0 I have >10,000 images in a main directory on NAS, all in individual folders with appropriate index names.
2.0 It appears that when the main folder is used as the source for images, only subfolders that have been "indexed' (IE I need to select each folder,  within Kodi and then indexing automatically occurs.)

If a folder is NOT indexed, I don't see the images present, and so my very large set of images spread across many folders on NAS do not show up.

Is there anyway to select the parent folder and ask Kodi to "index" all subfolders, or must I open the main parent folder, and then select each of the > 100 subfolders one by one,and let kodi index each folder selected.

Thank you in advance....  I really enjoy playing music in the background with images displayed on my big screen so THANK YOU to the folks who created and help maintain this Kodii addon.

Off Topic Comment/information that may help others:

Last comment is I have been using this add on for > 5 years, and it took most of that time to discover that I could not keep images on my Synology NAS, as whenever you do that Synology creates tiny image "snap shots" of each image and then the Kodi screensaver will display those low res images mixed in with the correct images, so after investigating how to "turn off" this synology NAS behavior I discovered that is impossible.

Synology drive software auto detects images in a folder, any folder any name and auto creates low res low byte snapshots that reside in same folder. Sigh.

So now I have all my images on a stand alone network connected drive and it works perfectly for my needs.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - larieu - 2024-07-16

My setup is as follows:

in the "photos" of synology NAS I have one Album by the name "byYear" ( which will be translated as a subfolder into the "~/photo" default of synology folder = /volume1/photo )
in this subfolder I have a ton of subfolders with years 1970, 1971,..... 2024. Each one has subfolders ( typically 01,02,....12). Pictures resides only on the 01,02...12 subfolders

On Kody plugin ( I personally use OSMC - but no difference for this plugin) I map the "base" "byYear" folder as the folder where my pictures for screensaver are.

for your topics

"the randomness" of my pictures is working fine. Usually each other day the set of displayed pictures changes. ( I see that for a couple of days it is on the same "area" with a good 20-25 folders to show pictures from )
- no need to index any picture.

In my case I don't have issues with the "thumbnails"
- you need to pay attention on how you create the share rights for Kodi - to not be able to see "hidden" folders
all the thumbnails in synology are kept under some "hidden" folders named @eaDir ( you'll find one in each folder you have pictures )
If you are not able to see them from KODI - no problem with them

if you add tags ( not the default face tags of synology ) - the "normal tags" of the "SynologyPhoto" package you'll be able to see them on the screensaver
Let's say you have a picture with the following tags "Europe", "Italy", "Torino", "FIAT". They will be displayed on screen.

If you go the next length and set up your camera to save the model of camera on the pictures ( or use an exif software -  to fill up the adequate field in the exif info set) - this info is displayed, too.

RE: Picture Slideshow Screensaver - eric hoffer - 2024-07-16

Thank you for the reply

Two questions:

1 On Kody plugin ( I personally use OSMC - but no difference for this plugin) I map the "base" "byYear" folder as the folder where my pictures for screensaver are.

Can you explain step by step what you do to "map", since you indicate you have many many years of sub folders.

You indicated you had many years of subfolders, Can you explain what you mean by "map the base by year folders?" I am convinced that unless I open parent folder in Kodi, then navigate to each subfolder (which then may or may not bring up images, or will display an "indexing" message, if the folder has not been indexed by Kodi..it doesn't appear in my random image selection with the single parent folder as the image location.

Second question, where in the kodi File Add feature is a method to ignore "hidden folders"?

- you need to pay attention on how you create the share rights for Kodi - to not be able to see "hidden" folders

Sorry for being dense but I don't recall seeing that option anywhere when I connect a shared folder on a NAS.

 I understand your suggestion to make kodi ignore/ not see "hidden folders" but have no idea how to accomplish that,

Is that done on the Synology Nas side in the folder/setup share options there?  That's my guess based on your feedback.

Thanks again for your help/inputs.... would really like to understand if my assertion that the photo screen saver does not display images that ARE NOT indexed by Kodi... whenever I go to my subfolders and try to open them , and the "index message appears" those images then begin showing up in the screen saver, and were never observed until I did that task.

Is this how the screen saver locates images to display in a large set of folders and subfolders?

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