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IlMeteo.it plugin - nightflyer - 2013-02-12

Hi all,

I made a plugin to watch weather forecast videos from ilmeteo.it.

UPDATE: This plugin is available in the official XBMC repository.

Source code can be found at github:

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.


RE: [RELEASE] IlMeteo.it plugin - nightflyer - 2013-03-04

I just pushed version 1.0.1 to better handle video availability. Now script.module.beautifulsoup is required.

- screen grabbing video pages and URLs.

RE: [RELEASE] IlMeteo.it plugin - nightflyer - 2013-07-19

I pushed version 1.0.2.

- updated HTML parsing due to upstream changes.
- added addon.xml optional metadata.

RE: [RELEASE] IlMeteo.it plugin - nightflyer - 2014-06-06

I pushed version 1.0.3.

- updated required python API version to 2.1.0. This addon should now work with both XBMC 12 (Frodo) and XBMC 13 (Gotham).

RE: [RELEASE] IlMeteo.it plugin - nightflyer - 2014-06-13

This addon is now included in the XBMC repository.

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