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How to get S-Video? - Dukenukemx - 2013-03-02

I have a Hauppauge HVR 1800 and I have ATSC working with TVheadend to XBMC, but I can't get any Analog. Can anyone explain how to get analog setup?

RE: How to get S-Video? - opdenkamp - 2013-03-02

not supported by tvheadend

RE: How to get S-Video? - Dukenukemx - 2013-03-03

Is this going to be a feature supported in the future? I have Cablevision and they pretty much blocked any ability to use my tuner, or just about any TV without a set top box. Which means I have to use the cablebox to get anything.

RE: How to get S-Video? - opdenkamp - 2013-03-04

don't think so. maybe one of the tvheadend devs is interested in implementing it, but i think it's highly unlikely

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