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PlayList.Move - Tolriq - 2013-04-07

Starting a new thread to avoid spam on the other one.

There's 2 solution for this one :
- The bad and easy pure json doing an get / add / remove
- The good and complicate solution that add this at low level too with new notification and all the stuff

I suppose I should go with the good one but since it's a big change will such thing be accepted ? (It may be useful also to Xbmc base when playlist interface is more touch and support drag and drop)

For the good one some questions :
For new notification on json part only adding in ServiceDescription.h is enough ? The IJSONRPCAnnouncer does the rest ? (the PlayList name space is already defined).

And why do you send notifications from all commands in PlayList operations ?
If I understand correctly , for playlist operations you put commands in the applicationmessenger that will then be handled.
But you send notifications possibly before the operation in done.
And since all playlist operations already send the notifications when the action is done this leads to double notifications with one possibly before the action really takes place.

Or am I missing something ?

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